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  1. wdjohnson

    Mid-State Pick Em - Week 8

    DC Franklin Mooresville Whiteland
  2. wdjohnson

    Mid-State Pick Em - Week 7

    Decatur Central 35 Greenwood 14 Whiteland 42 Mooresville 35 Martinsville 42 Perry Meridian 14 Franklin 28 Plainfield 24
  3. wdjohnson

    Greenwood at East central

    Agreed Trojan Dad. Gotta support our Johnson County Brethren.
  4. wdjohnson

    Sectional 14

    Good Luck to both teams this evening. My pick: Bloomington S. 35 Martinsville 28
  5. wdjohnson

    Sectional 14

    Thanks Lysander. Yeah I have been following Whiteland for a long time(I remember quite a few beatdowns by I. Chatard) and couldn't wait until my son's senior football season. I have really enjoyed seeing him grow up doing something he enjoys. I wish he could continue in football but he wants to go to Purdue and be a engineer.
  6. wdjohnson

    Sectional 14

    Thanks MuleDriver. He took it better then I thought. He was disappointed but I believe he will be fine. My wife graduated in '88. I was at the last game between the two teams when Whiteland won. We actually sat with the south fans so my wife could visit with her best friend from high school. Good luck to the Panthers the rest of the season.
  7. wdjohnson

    Sectional 14

    I really thought we had a shot. Too little to late. This was my son's last high school game. Not he season he was hoping for his senior year but he still loved every moment. It *%#!?*s that his mom's alma mater took his team out.
  8. wdjohnson

    Sectional 14

    I believe if Whiteland cannot together a solid two halves that have what it takes to beat South. Defense has not been a strong point this season. They actually competed in a lot of their games this year. They are better team then their record indicates. Good luck to all teams tonight.
  9. wdjohnson

    Week 3 Scores

    Halftime Decatur Central. 29 Whiteland. 22
  10. wdjohnson

    Martinsville Artesians

    That was my same view. You must have been setting close to me...lol
  11. Decatur Central. 14 Whiteland 35 Final
  12. Decatur Central 14 Whiteland. 35 10:21. 4th qtr
  13. Decatur Central. 7 Whiteland 20 Weather delay at the start of the second half
  14. Yeah I know that Irish Line Momma. I watched a Irish and Seymour Semi State game years ago and I thought it was on the east side. Must have been Lawrence Central. I kept see Tech and looked it up online and it was downtown. Just didn't want to end up on the east side and there was no game. Good luck to both teams tonight. Of course I am hoping for a better outcome then last years game. Cathedral has been a pain in Whiteland's side for the last couple of years when it comes to the tournament. Can't be the best if you don't beat the best. GO WARRIORS!!