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  1. My son was too small for football but he was an excellent wrestler. I remember seeing an article about how NFL teams will scout out and recruit college wrestlers. It was a few years ago but they named some very successful NFL players that wrestled in college instead of playing football. Most players mentioned we're linemen or linebackers. I think one lineman was on the Patriots for some of the Superbowls. As for cutting weight I don't think that's as much a problem for the big guys. Since the realignment of the weight classes (got rid of a middle weight and added a larger weight),. Wrestling is even more accommodating for football players. The heavy weights tend to be the least filled. It's an excellent sport for an athlete to learn how to use his body and improve mental toughness,. Wrestling practices for good programs are gruelling. I always saw high school wrestling as a beginners combat sport.
  2. Last year PH put up 21 points on New Pal. With PH's passing game coming back even more experienced I would think they should match that score or maybe more. The big question is how will PH's defense do? If they can contain the run game then they have a chance if not then NP will grind it out much like last year. One comment about NP and Center Grove game. After letting it sink in for a couple weeks if CG didn't make some key mistakes which i believe NP scored on all of them. Not sure NP "dominated" as much as CG had some brain farts in some plays. NP is pretty darn good but i don't think they are a lock on a 5A title. One bad game on their part with the wrong opponent and they go home in the playoffs.
  3. EastofIndy

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    It will be interesting. If New Pal is to win it will be if their offense can keep pace with Center Grove's. It will be a good test of their Lineman's ability to create running holes. Can the NP O-line get the job done. Can the NP defense be enough of a speed bump to prevent a runaway game?
  4. EastofIndy

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    It would be a huge upset. My reasoning being NP is a mid sized 4A school that is playing in 5A. Historically NP's highest caliber teams they have played have been Columbus East, Whiteland, Cathedral, Roncolli, and Chatard. They get blown out by Cathedral, a mixed record against Columbus East and Whiteland. Maybe the same with Roncolli and Chatard. In past times they have had some good teams but not at the MIC level. Looking at Whitelands and Columbus East history against those teams it's about the same. Very little success of all three of those teams against the Cathedral type programs (the MIC).. Center Grove can be considered an elite program at this point in time. How many D1 players has CG had compared to New Pal in the past 4 years? I would guess NP's is zero, I have no idea but i would be curious to see those numbers.
  5. EastofIndy

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    Big advantage goes to Center Grove for the obvious reasons, size, depth, strength of opponents. Not sure why they are are playing since CG doesn't gain a whole lot playing a mid size 4A school. If a New Pal starter gets a season ending injury in this game they could lose more then just a game against a 6A school they will not see in a playoff situation. Hope i'm wrong and NP pulls off what would be very big upset in a small vs large school scenario.
  6. The HHC is much different then it was 15 years ago. Mostly due to the newer coaches coming in. Not that the ones in the past were bad but this latest round of coaches are bringing the play up a notch. New Pal kinda kicked it off, now Mt Vernon. New Castle and PH need to be watched. Delta, Shelbyville, and Yorktown can push opponents to the next level. Greenfield is a bit down but give them some motivation i can see potental there. Overall the Hoosier Heritage is a conference i see rising in its competivness. Wont be long before we see two or three teams competing for conference crown at the end of the season. New Pal v Kokomo wiil be close so i disagree with Olympian06 on that Mt Vernon v Hamilton Heights, I'm really curious too see Mt Veron under Kirschners leadership. Coaches are the #1 reason programs are suceesful. I can see them unseating New Pal for conference title this year. Mt. Vernon wins due to new excitement at Mt Vernon Pendleton heights v Mississinewa. Pendleton was a scary team for defenses last year. They will be only that much better this year. They'll be in the mix for conference title. Pendleton wins, lots of passing. Delta v Muncie Central. Delta has a solid football tradition and wii play anybody hard. Delta wins but may struggle in conference this year but not to them going down but rest of conference coming up to their level. Delta wins. Greensburg v Shelbyville. This year ill put Shelbyville with Delta, Not the favorite for conference but usually a solid program. If they get right spark the can be the darkhorse for conference title. They should win this week. New Castle v Franklin co. New Castle was a suprise last year. From football doormat to another scary team like Pendleton. I put them in PH's category. New Coaching is the reason here. Hope he keeps it coming. IEverybody loves a competive game. Another HHC win this week Yorktown v Anderson. Yorktown I think wiil be wth Shelbyville and Delta. Should win this week. Evensville Cent. v Greenfield Cent.. GC is a team i would call a brawler teaem. Not in a bad way but in that they will bring there heart to the game even if it was Warren Central. They dont back down. Kinda like Rocky. This may be better for them but the conference is getting tougher. Whats the old saying? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Wont win conference title but i see them getting stronger. I think six of the eight games this week strongly go to HHC teams Greenfield is one im not sure of and believe it or not I think New Pal may lose. The two ends of the conference based on team strength have the biggest chance to lose this week.
  7. After reading this article there's a new sheriff in town in the Hoosier Heritage conf. Mt. Vernon should jump very high in its stature very quickly. A good program with a good coach will show its talent very well. Looking forward to seeing how the HHC shakes up with his arrival. http://www.greenfieldreporter.com/2018/07/11/batteries_recharged_marauders_coach_rejuvenated_by_new_position/
  8. EastofIndy

    New Field for New Pal

    gg I was going from memory since in my advanced age recall is getting rougher. I tried to do a little homework from last years rosters. I looked at both high schools websites and noticed the following. Just FYI From last years varsity CG roster they had 100 listed but i couldn't tell how many Freshman were on it. Freshman roster was 47. I'll guess that JV is just made up of varsity non starters. Giving CG approx 150. New Pal was a little harder to get numbers since they don't have a freshman roster posted but the varsity showed 51 but 6 were freshman. I don't think any programs limit rosters so i would guess that CG's total high school program 9-12 grade is about 150 rounding out. If they do limit then that would indicate they get to screen for talent. NP maybe 70 on the high end depending on freshman. Guessing about 20 freshman total so add the missing 14 from the varsity roster. From the varsity roster the Soph and Jr class were about 15 to 20 each and the Sr class was 7 from my count. I think NP fielded a frosh team, maybe somebody out there can provide info. If not then NP's numbers are pretty small then, dropping them back to the 50's.
  9. EastofIndy

    New Field for New Pal

    somehow my coach had this idea, of course this was the early 70's and high school coaches for the most part were part time coaches at best. we ran two plays from a wishbone offense. Triple option and quick pitch. Maybe a screen pass once or twice.
  10. EastofIndy

    New Field for New Pal

    Maybe if CG is way down and New Pal fields a solid team they may have a chance but the numbers don't work toward their favor. CG is almost three time New Pal in student population and i would guess the amount of bodies in their football program from freshman to seniors would be about the same. Odds are good that CG can fill skilled graduating players positions better then New Pal. If i were a betting man i wouldn't bet against CG in this one. Who knows, guess thats why the games are played. Getting back to the field, I understand to change to field turf but i've always thought natural turf adds factors to a game that coaches need to keep in mind. CE's loss to New Pal in the mud? Way back in my high school days our coach made sure the grass was tall during game day. Guess he thought it helped our team out.
  11. EastofIndy

    New Field for New Pal

    Not sure the color of pants will change the outcome. CG is a completely different level of competition that New Pal sees. The closest they ever come to that is when they played Cathedral some time back in the playoffs. Of course other New Pal opponents Roncolli and Columbus East are really good, I wonder if they would have been a better team for CG to pick up in place of Whiteland?
  12. Saw the old field tore up, looks like New Pal gets field turf this year.
  13. what makes high school football more enjoyable then Pro's and NCAA is the lack of outside interference to the game. I agree with Muda as well keep it simple and quit whining if a bad call is made. And I've seen some good ones, the best is the refs calling an obvious missed extra point good, it went so far left that one of the chain gang could have caught it. The whole stadium was in awe of that one. *%#!?* it up buttercup
  14. If i recall correctly, it was the Center Grove AD or Head coach who approached New Pals AD with the offer for a two year agreement. There was a story sometime back in the Greenfield Daily Reporter concerning the addition of CG to New Pal for the next two years. For the record I think New Pal is making a mistake playing CG, just not much to gain even if by some miracle they can win or even be competitive. It's not like they will see them in any post season play. Guess you can say they didn't shy away from a challenge or something like that. I just hope they can come out of the game injury free. Now Kokomo does make more sense since there may be a possibility of post season play. There has been a lot of turnover the past couple of years on Hoosier Heritage coaches (PH, Yorktown, New Castle, Mt Vernon, New Pal). As mentioned before some usually regular teams are stepping up the intensity with these new coaches. Now with Mt. Vernon added to that club it will be an interesting time with the coaching changes.
  15. FYI From the IHSAA website for 2018 -2019 enrollment numbers. Center Grove 2500, Zionsville 1928, Whiteland 1845, Kokomo 1769, Columbus E. 1534, Greenfield Cent 1510, Pendleton Hts 1421, Mt Vernon (Fort) 1227, Cathedral 1184, Roncalli 1184, Shelbyville 1156, New Pal 1119, New Castle 1023, Delta 871, Yorktown 801, Chatard 700 New Pal is the bottom half for size in the Hoosier Heritage. I added the others for reference of past and future non conference opponents. Interesting how Cathedral and Roncalli have identical enrollments! Tin foil hat anyone?