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  1. Come on man you are WEBO... you play 1 or 2 significant games every 5 years...Don't call out a perennial powerhouse in Scecina because you are having 1 good season
  2. I want you to win...less gas for us next week!
  3. you are correct. evansville next
  4. Tri-west extremely well coached and will pull out all the trick plays and onside kick and fake punts they have. They won't go down without a fight...that is the way Tri-West plays. They have an extremely young team with a lot of young talent. Chatard playing well, defense on a whole new level this season and too many weapons on offense to slow down. Both teams future looks extremely bright with skilled Juniors and Sophomore littered all over the starting lineup. Will be interesting but Chatard senior class should be mature and physical enough to get it done.
  5. Don't be so sure Woods is out????? Not a tear.
  6. Just like I posted last week....Ritter and Roncalli fans have given up...Roncalli has hope for the future starting a Freshman at QB and an outstanding 8th grade group coming in...Frosh and JV both just had good seasons as well. Ritter long road to fix there issues.
  7. Thank god you didn't have to be there. Ritter is really bad
  8. Feeders are the key to the Private school programs but St Michael's (Ritter's main feeder) have had the premier program in the CYO for the last 10 years. City champs 2 years ago and runners-up last year. Ritter knows the pains and the challenges of keeping their kids. The Purichia you are forgetting about is the coach now at Scecina that kept these kids coming to Ritter for years. He was the architect of the offense and is considered one of the top QB coaches in the state. Most importantly he is a Ritter guy. Coach Doyle has an army of young successful Chatard alumni on his staff. Ritter has none. 7 deanery kids now at Cathedral, 7 at Chatard, 4 at Avon, 2 at Plainfield, 1 at Decatur Central, 1 at Lawrence North ,3 at Ben Davis...Not a down cycle at all
  9. Just 6 short years ago the Ritter Raiders knocked off the Chatard Trojans and then the Ritter Raiders followed that up with 3 state finals appearances in a 5 year run. Now the Ritter vs Chatard game has no hype? Has Ritter fallen off that bad? I'am guessing the Roncalli and Cathedral game will have the same amount of excitement as this game next Friday? Just seems odd that Roncalli and Ritter fans have jumped ship so quickly for two schools with such a rich football tradition.

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    I was pointing more towards calling Chatard having to play good teams...Chatard with a much easier path than EM for sure.

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    Sounds like Guerin's hopes have gone out the window with loss to Brebeuf and the loss of several of their top players for the season. Very disappointing for a team that was seriously improving. Where will Chatard or EM face a very good team before semi state. Chatard sectional is awful and regional would be Danville/Tri-west/Greencastle...all struggling teams?

    Covington Catholic - Chatard

    Not sure losing to Winton Woods and playing Cov Catholic will show how Chatard responds to a loss. Chatard Running back sat most all of last weeks game and the starting front 3 on defense had the night off as well. Chatard is worried about winning state of Indiana not so much worried about winning the states of Ohio or Kentucky.

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    Looks like Charard has clearly joined these 2 teams. South looks to be EM and Chatard. North I see several hopeful. Brebeuf again playing well, Guerin was very respectable, Luers looks to have talent again and Andrean....could all challange West Laff. Thoughts....

    CYO Football

    CTK combined with St lawrence and definitely St Luke has their own team