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  1. Triple Threat

    Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Due to weather forecast, the Irish will NOT be tailgating at Tech tomorrow night. The tailgate has been moved to Silver Circle at 1102 Fletcher Ave, and will run 4:45-6:15pm. All are invited to enjoy pizza, snacks, and of course some Irish fellowship.
  2. As a parent of 3 Cathedral Irish football players, both past and present, I find it highly unlikely that if indeed recruiting was even half as prevelent as some of these sour grapes posters think it is, that I, nor any of my sons, have EVER caught wind of it. It always seems like they've run out of valid points to make when posters stoop to accusing a team of recruiting imho.
  3. Triple Threat

    Cathedral @ Bloomington South

    Some D-I's and D-1AA's from 2014 still playing are: Alex Cotton- OL - Valpo Ronnie Hill- S- Purdue Caleb Cross- RB- Butler Joe Schopper-K- Purdue Malcolm Dotson-WR- Purdue Jared Thomas- OL- Northwestern
  4. Triple Threat

    Cathedral @ Cincinnati St. X

    Per Coach Streiff's CHS football players email today, kickoff is at 7:00pm against St. X. Go Irish!
  5. I have 3 sons who played CYO football. My youngest is in his last year at St. Matt's and is playing football now. Since the time my oldest competed middle school (2011) and this year, the number of eligible boys has not decreased, yet the football team is half of the size that is was. I think that this is in direct relation to the increase of other available fall sports for the boys to play. Many of my 8th grader's classmates have opted to continue with baseball, soccer, or basketball rather than join the football team this year.
  6. I have 3 football players in my family. One who graduated from Cathedral and is now playing D1 football, one currently on Cathedral's team, and another one heading to play there next year. My kids are a product of CYO sports and have benefited greatly from this organization in many sports including football. At NO time did we get recruited by Cathedral, nor according to my sons, have they ever heard of any of their teammates getting recruited or being warded full ride scholarships to play football/sports at Cathedral. It always sounds like sour grapes to me when others defer to "recruiting" as a way to explain Cathedral's success in sports. Let's face it, great athletes, are drawn to great programs. So you see, Cathedral doesn't have to do much in the way of recruiting. Cathedral's record speaks for itself. Along with their academically rigorous program, competitive sports programs, and the ability to continue on at the post-secondary level, Cathedral was the right fight for my student athletes. No recruiting needed.
  7. Reigning State Champ's Cathedral High School's Alex Cotton has just signed on with Valpo as an O lineman. He had additional offers from St. Francis Ill and Mount Union.
  8. Wishing for a big helping of "Luck of The Irish" and a 5-peat today for Cathedral. Having 2 dogs in this fight makes for a very exciting day at our house. Hoping that both teams come out injury free.
  9. Triple Threat

    Just not pumped for the 6A game.

    Yes, do tell, please. Lol, guess you want to change that now huh?
  10. Triple Threat

    Cathedral @ Bloomington South

    Bloomington South Panthers gave the Irish one of the best fought games I can remember attending. Nothing but respect for your team. Well coached, hard playing young men. They gave the Irish nothing. Everything was a battle out there on the field. It was a thrill to watch as spectator. I expect to see BSHS go far in next year's 5A. Hoping that the Cathedral Irish are able to bring home the hardware for this year's 5A State game. Go Irish!
  11. Triple Threat

    Whiteland vs. Cathedral @Tech

    Yep, Arsenal Tech is the place, 1500 E. Michigan, 46201. Lots of parking on the south side of the stadium. Dress warmly.
  12. Triple Threat

    Whiteland vs. Cathedral @Tech

    Olympian06, always the bridesmaid. You are welcome to come to one of our Irish tailgates anytime. Only then could you maybe really understand that it is more than just the food. It is the camaraderie. It's the place where we all join as one family, with one common cause, and the love of football. I just wish we were having our tailgate at CE again like 2 years ago. You have the most "colorful" announcer of any team that we've ever played. It was a very entertaining game.
  13. Triple Threat

    Whiteland vs. Cathedral @Tech

    I doubt that this game will be a cake walk. Whiteland only lost by one point to Center Grove in the regular season. However, if the Irish can get in Whiteland's heads, much like what happened at their last meeting, then I say that Cathedral has a good chance of coming out on top in this game. I am just praying that we don't freeze to death on Friday.
  14. Lysander, the guy who never sleeps! No matter which GID forum I am reading, Lysander has always already been there. I appreciate your sense of fairness and ability to settle almost any argument on here. You keep it fair and accurate. I always look forward to seeing your input. Keep on posting!
  15. Triple Threat

    1A Season Progress

    Howe is no longer an I.P.S. school, and hasn't been for 3 years. Therefore, I believe they are in the same boat as Cathedral in this case.