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  1. I know that teams can changed greatly from year to year, but Dwenger beat East Central 27-3 in 2015.
  2. The visitors side is ridiculously small, however, there was a recent addition behind the south end zone which should take a large number,
  3. drb323

    Dwenger at Angola

    I agree. If I remember right, in all of the 3 sectional games for the Saints, the opposing teams scored first. I thought the Angola would have done the same, except then the blocked FG. Dwenger will not lose composure and will fight it out to the end. This will be another classic. GO SAINTS!
  4. drb323

    Dwenger at Angola

    Since bringing in Carroll and Homestead, those out of conference games won't happen with the present structure. I will say that both of those teams tho do bring great competition into the conference - historically they've always been solid. Unfortunately, the SAC is really split between the top 4-6 contenders and then the rest...not many "in the middle" teams. Having a 9 week schedule won't warrant anything else. Having said that, it would be a good change to go with something like the NIC that has a North and South Division...with each division playing the other 4 teams and then 5 games outside the conference. But then you've got possible scheduling conflicts with other conferences, yadi yadi, yadi. It would take some real planning.
  5. drb323

    Dwenger at Angola

    56-2 For Angola to beat Northwood AND CMA, that's saying something. Dwenger's wins were good against Wayne and NH, but I don't think as impressive as Angola's. Whatever the outcome, Dwenger has their work cut out for them...especially with their starting running back out since mid-season (Hudson) and recent injuries to their starting QB (Morris) and kicker (Garrett). BTW, weather may be a factor - s/b the coldest night of the year.
  6. drb323

    4A schools remaining

    Dwenger at Angola next week....will be a tough match. BD played tough tonight against a determined Wayne team. Wish I could have seen the end of the Angola/CMA game. Was it a missed extra point or did CMA go for 2 and come up short? Another good match-up will be NP/Lowell. Can't beat November HS football games!
  7. drb323

    4A schools remaining

    and if I remember right, that was after BD tried to run a fake punt from about mid-field. I can still see John Goodman running around trying to get the ball up field. Oh what could have been.
  8. Game scheduled at Univ of St. Francis again this Friday @ 7PM. That's 3 weeks in a row. GO SAINTS!
  9. Congrats Saints on a hard fought W last night. It was definitely a defensive battle between 2 great programs. My only concern as BD moves on is their QB selection. I would have thought they could have rotated O'Keefe in more as he had some good games previously. One another note, I noticed that Hudson wasn't on the sidelines. Is he out for the remainder of the playoffs? I know he hasn't played, but he's always been on the sidelines. For this week vs Wayne, I assumed that BD would be playing on their home field as Concordia has an away game at Luers, but the News-Sentiinel stated that they're playing at St. Francis again. Anyone hear differently?
  10. Dwenger updated the calendar on their website that the location will be USF. I'm sure more will follow via the media.
  11. We were very disappointed with the food service at St. Francis as well last Friday. It's customary for my wife and I to have our Friday fall dinners at the football games (haha). If we do end up playing there this week, sure hope they remedy this problem...otherwise it's home cooking. It's payback time for Dwenger vs NH....GO SAINTS!
  12. drb323

    SAC Showdown

    Not sure....I don't know the extent of the tie breaker system...if it goes beyond the head-to-head record or even down to points scored, etc.
  13. drb323

    SAC Showdown

    A Wayne win coupled with a Luers win will result in a deadlock 3-way tie for first place...with each team (Snider/Wayne/Luers) being 6-1 in conference play AND each being 1-1 against each other. When's the last time that ever happened? However, if Wayne wins and Dwenger somehow upends Luers, Wayne will take the bell having the tie breaker vs Snider.
  14. drb323

    Sectional 19

    Good to see some Leo fans on this thread...where's all my Dwenger dudes? True that Dwenger has seen some stiff competition these last 4 weeks (and another coming up vs Luers). Looking at the stats, NR has only given up 1 touchdown in the last 3 games - impressive defense. On the other side of the ball, Dwenger's offense is averaging a little more than 4 pts in the 2nd half for the year!!! (all in the 3rd quarter).
  15. drb323

    Sectional 19

    OMG....I hadn't paid that much attention to Sect 20. I think the committee should relook at these 2 sectionals and spread the teams around. There's no way it's based on proximity. New Haven (again) will be the clear favorite. Don't "they" re-vamp these like every 3-4 years? Dwenger used to be in 20.