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  1. I’m a fan of Gaslight pizza on 4th Street Huntingburg
  2. Froggys in Wadesville has a very good strom, ride your side by side over and try one sometime.
  3. Cappy

    Sectional 32

    Would it be ok if it was a private school? I’m not saying this is the case but some public schools offer better educations opportunities.
  4. Actually they have visitor side bleachers just no home side. The stands are behind the visiting team and both home and away fans sit behind the visiting team.
  5. The Vikings lost a bunch of seniors and return a senior class that has always been small in numbers and physical size. We will have several first year players. Some of them haven’t played ever or since jr high. Lots to prove, but still a lot to figure out!
  6. Let me be clear up front, I know nothing about these young men or their situation! I don’t believe that anyone is “against them,.” Unfortunately, from what I have heard, they have made mistakes on and maybe off the field that support the “rumors” being said about them and their father.
  7. I’ve heard Colson Montgomery
  8. Coach Fisher is still going to be D-coordinator (now co-coordinator) and is/was our track coach last year. But he recently became vice principal, so at some point he may decide to take a lesser role. Just my opinion tho I believe Coach Mattingly played for coach Blankenship at Boonville, who is on our staff as well.
  9. Not completely accurate per my sources...
  10. Cappy

    PAC Conference 2018

    North Posey defeated Forest Park tonight 7-0. Shane Harris, Louisville commit, continued his strong junior season with 12 Strike outs and giving up only 2 hits. The win puts NP at 14-6 according to Max preps, winning there 9th game in a row. I believe this also puts the Vikings at 5-2 in the conference.
  11. Cappy

    PAC Conference 2018

    I believe the Vikings are 4-2 in the conference. They won 5 in a row to start the year, then dropped 6 in a row and now they have won something like 8 or 9 in a row.! (I can’t keep track)
  12. Cappy

    PAC Conference 2018

    We got a doubleheader in Saturday morning , SS game was played at USI (SS home game,) Carmi game was over Spring Break and was moved up several hours to avoid the ran.
  13. Cappy

    PAC Conference 2018

    North Posey has started the season 5-0 after knocking off Mater Dei tonight 7-6 and beating South Spencer 4-0 on Monday.
  14. Congratulations Coach Edge and South Spencer! I don’t know Coach Edge but his resume is impressive. I do have a idea of the kind of talent SS has in that school and their football team always has a few great athletes. This seems like a home run hire for SS, and if so I expect them to be much improved next season! This is potentially great news for the conference as well. I know if NP improves over the next few years like we expect/hope another good team on our schedule will help us achieve our goals!
  15. Career record would be Jasper’s Luke Schmidt with 7,275. According to the IHSAA webpage that is 6th all time Single season I don’t know,. I did a quick search a Mike Burger from Jasper had 2,643 in 1981.