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  1. I actually feel the analogy is dead on. They would be a top 5-6 team in the MIC every year. Some years they would finish higher, some years as low as fifth or sixth. I don't understand why everyone thinks that is taking a shot at them. The same could be said for all of the top five or six teams in the MIC! To me, it says Penn is one of the best teams in the state who could compete but not dominate in the best conference in the state. Why are people acting as if this is a put down?
  2. I wouldn't be sure based on the tie-breakers for other sports in the conference. Based on those, I would guess it will be points against.
  3. Awesome stuff here Foobird! A work commitment has been eating up all of my time, but I wanted to say how impressed I was with last Friday's win. As has been alluded to here, if Chatard wins on Friday, they will finish conference play at 3-0. If they lose, there is still a scenario where every other team can earn the title. In actuality, only Chatard, Guerin, and the winner of the Roncalli vs Brebeuf game can win it at that point. I am unclear as to what the tiebreaker is in a three-way 2-1 tie scenario. It may be points against among the three teams.
  4. Needs a NSFW tag on that video
  5. The usual wager?
  6. It would be different if the conference was all mediocre football. The SAC has some great teams. You are going to play against top level competition and in electric atmospheres. There is no "need" aside from a desire for variety to schedule outside of that conference.
  7. I will take New Pal and lay the 37.5
  8. Coach L reached the semi-state each of his first ten years at the helm. I doubt that's a feat ever achieved elsewhere.
  9. I've tried a few times to put down what these men mean to me but always find my efforts lacking. I suppose that says enough.
  10. Just to be clear, the only thing I have to work off of for the Guerin game are tweets from others who were there (same for Covenant and Heritage). I was at the Roncalli and Chatard games and received full post-game stats breakdowns from Roncalli and Brebeuf. I just want to explain why my coverage was more robust for some schools than others.
  11. Brief thoughts on some of tonight's action. It was good to see Guerin Catholic head north and easily walk away with the Bishop Cannon's Cup. The final score was 40-0. At the half, Guerin Catholic had amassed 221 yards while holding CC to 11 (with three turnovers). I think FooBird is right on that it will be hard to get a true gauge on this team until they face Chatard Week 6 - but I like what I've seen so far. Brebeuf Jesuit gutted out a close first half before pulling away from Tech. Up only 14-7 at the break, the Braves stacked up 24 unanswered points in the second half before giving up a score late. QB Drake Hagerman was 9 of 25 for 153 yards and 3 scores (1 INT). Isaiah Martin rushed 8 times for 52 yards and a score. The defense held Tech to 166 yards. Jay Higgins led the way with 9 total tackles and a sack. Anthony Annee reeled in 2 interceptions. Bishop Chatard brought home the most impressive win of the night. After a first quarter where Lawrence Central appeared dominant at times, the Trojans righted the ship. Mark Nondorf spread the ball around, targeting three different receivers. Daylen Taylor took advantage of the softened front to bring the Trojans back within three midway through the second quarter. LC answered back with a little trickeration on the next possession, turning the swing route into a double-pass for the score. The Trojans managed a last second field goal before the half to bring the score to 17-10 (LC). Ryan Cheek had a pick-six to tie it up early in the third. An LC field goal put them back up by 3 before Nondorf found Jackson Sherby for a four yard strike. Add a BC field goal and the lead was seven with five minutes to go. After forcing LC to punt, the Trojans held on to the ball for roughly four minutes before Taylor punched in his second score of the night (fifth score of the young season). Final score was 34-20. Sophomore Cole Beckman was forced into duty when the senior starting quarterback was injured in practice late Wednesday. This was the first time since the early ‘70s that a sophomore has started under center for the Rebels. He went 23 of 46 for 152 yards and a score, good for third all-time on the single-game completions list. Elijah Mahan was held to 58 yards on 17 carries. Luke Dill had a record breaking 11 catches for 77 yards and a score (previous record was 8 receptions). 167 of Franklin Central's 280 offensive yards came on three big plays. FC loaded the box most of the night, daring Roncalli to pass. Pressed to do so in the game's final minutes, Beckman made some big throws but ultimately came up just short. The final Roncalli drive petered out in FC territory with around 40 seconds remaining. Covenant Christian thwarted Oldenburg Academy 55-6 on the road. Heritage Christian lost to Shenandoah 63-10.
  12. The TW

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    Center Grove fans need to chill out. The sky is not falling. There's no way Eric Moore folds up tent before his tour is done.
  13. I would sign off on everything written above. That said, Brebeuf showed amazing growth in the back half of the season last year. They will not face Roncalli for a while, and that game is not a given at this point.
  14. Bishop Chatard's win last Friday was fairly convincing. Brebeuf scored on their third play from scrimmage when Caleb Ellison hit Gabe Wright for a 87-yard strike. After that, it was all Trojans. The Braves were held to 6 first downs and less than 100 yards of offense from the touchdown-on. David Whittemore led the way for the Trojans defense with 6 solos, 3 assists, and 2.5 sacks. Bishop Chatard's balanced offensive approach saw them rush for 180 and pass for 180. Nondorf looked solid after a bit of shaky start, but Taylor was the offensive star of the night. He averaged 9 yards per carry while scoring three times (2 rushing, 1 receiving). On the other side, Brebeuf's Ellison was playing well before he was injured in the third quarter. Week Three should make for an interesting match-up when the Trojans travel to face the back-to-back defending conference champions, Roncalli. The Rebels dropped their opener to Southport last week, 36-28. Guerin Catholic fell to McCutcheon in overtime. Heritage Christian dismantled Manual, and Covenant Christian dispatched Jasonville.
  15. He's a pretty amazing kid. Two great things about him: 1. He was the lead in Bye, Bye Birdie in the fall musical (run that math). 2. I am willing to bet he is the only kid to ever wear his choir t-shirt while warming up on State Championship Saturday at Bankers Life.