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  1. Focus on the Task

    Valparaiso Head Coach

    I am sure it was high on his list of things to do for you.
  2. Great Coach, outstanding person!
  3. Focus on the Task

    Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    And that was week 1 for Homewood-Flossmoor so what’s your point. MC, Snyder, or Lp couldn’t come close to the athletes or depth that bd had. Watching the bd defense, I was stunned at the speed that the dL had and the size and movement that the ol had. This year they were just that much better than anyone else. It’s not a slant on any other team whatsoever, it’s just a statement on how great a team on all aspects of the game. Their shear size and speed would have worn down a lot of the smaller class schools you have listed by halftime.
  4. Focus on the Task

    Michigan City at Kokomo

    4 turnovers didn't help.
  5. 7 on 7 is very important in my opinion. Your teams offense may not run a spread or a RPO offense. They may even be a run oriented team where 80% or more they run the ball. it's hard for your teams defense to under stand route combinations or RPO's unless they complete in 7 on 7's with teams that do. As much as your offense tries to give you a look at teams that run them the speed and accuracy is hard to duplicate. It helps you as a coach to understand where your team needs extra help.
  6. Wow, you nailed 4 of the names I have been hearing...
  7. Focus on the Task

    New Pal coaches are ______________

    Radtke does the same thing to others, alot, so yes it is Karma as you say.
  8. Focus on the Task

    Is this too much?

    I couldn't have said it better! Other than, when little Johnny does't get the D1 offers or D2 offers the blame comes back to his coaches for not pushing him hard enough. I also get a kick out of the "D1" or nothing attitude that some parents have. Theres alot of good football out there at all the levels.