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  1. FastpacedO

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    I'm not exactly sure why I have been quoted. I've never mentioned anything about Zionsville beating New Pal this year and actually feel the opposite. I was misquoted in this thread earlier as using Zionsville as a reference in another thread. My statement was "if Zionsville could get more stops on defense they could be a scary team because they have firepower" and mentioned their games with Brownsburg and Avon. When that was brought up it was mentioned that the Brownsburg /Zionsville game was 3 weeks ago, so I mentioned New Pal /CG was 7 weeks ago. Nobody is doubting New Pal is a fantastic team or has a great coaching staff that is one of the best in the State, I think all of that is evident. New Pal however is not a given as the 5A State Champions, crazier things have happened. I definitely know Coach Ralph and staff will have his players prepped and ready to play in any game.
  2. You are entitled to your opinion. I am going to give you an example that totally refutes your notion about (1-7) or even (0-8) teams playing in the tournament. Last year Mooresville was (1-7) heading into the tournament and were very close to being (0-8) had they not pulled out a 17-12 victory over Beech Grove on the last game of the regular season. Aug. 18 Lebanon L 28 45 Aug. 25 N Danville L 17 59 Sep. 1 Plainfield L 14 54 Sep. 8 at Greenwood L 21 51 Sep. 15 Decatur Central L 7 63 Sep. 22 at Franklin L 14 52 Sep. 29 Whiteland L 42 52 Oct. 6 at Martinsville L 30 51 Oct. 13 at Beech Grove W 17 12 Come tourney time they had to go and play @ (4-5) Connersville and won 61-13. Then they had to play @ (6-4) New Castle and won 42-35. This put them in the Sectional Final against (9-2) Greenwood who beat them 51-21 earlier in the year. They ended up losing 59-32 but put up a very good fight. Greenwood ended up losing to East Central in the Semi-State 27-14. Now it would be easy to say they shouldn't be in the tournament, but I believe those games in the tournament helped spring board Coach Gillin's team into the season they have had this year so far. Aug. 17 at Lebanon 4A W 46 7 Aug. 24 at Danville 3A W 28 26 Aug. 31 at Plainfield 5A © W 52 42 Sep. 7 Greenwood 4A © W 49 14 Sep. 14 at Decatur Central 5A © L 28 38 Sep. 21 Franklin 5A © W 55 21 Sep. 28 at Whiteland 5A © W 21 17 Oct. 5 Martinsville 5A © W 24 21 Oct. 12 Perry Meridian 6A © W 52 21
  3. FastpacedO

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    Do you think so Sherlock?
  4. FastpacedO

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    Are you always this dense. You brought up my reference of Zionsville as if I said Zionsville would beat New Pal. I called you out on it and showed that I stated if Zionsville could find a defense they could be scary because they have firepower. Yet you mention it was 3 weeks ago. So again who is not keeping up. There are no givens in High School football. I can reference several times people thought a team was a given only to see them lose. Comparing scores doesn’t work either.
  5. FastpacedO

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    New Pal’s win over CG was 7 weeks ago so what’s your point. The win over Avon was just a week ago
  6. I've been impressed with Coach O'Shea doing this. Just as impressed as I have been with Coach Gillin at Mooresville. Both coaches have done fantastic jobs. One coach from 3-7 to 7-2 in the MIC and the other from 1-8 to 8-1 in the Mid-State
  7. FastpacedO

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    Don't have a dog in the fight but you are downing someone for hanging their hat on something from 2 months ago, but hang your hat on the same rack from 2 months ago. I will admit I am the one who referenced Zionsville's performance against Brownsburg (a loss) and Avon (a win). That being said it has also been taken out of context by you in that sentence. My exact statement was "Heck if Zionsville can get their defense to make some stops they look like they can be a scary team. They obviously have some firepower throwing up 52 points on Brownsburg and 32 in Avon (in a victory over the Orioles)". So the way you have turned the words around makes it worse, nowhere in that was a mention of them slowing New Palestine down.
  8. FastpacedO

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    Agreed transitive doesn’t work well at all. Too many things different. It can be totally different playing a team at home vs playing a team on the road. It can be totally different playing a team in week 2 compared to week 9. A lot of football to be played. New Pal is a fantastic team, but there are no givens in High School football where anything can happen. Heck if Zionsville can get their defense to make some stops they look like they can be a scary team. They obviously have some firepower throwing up 52 points on Brownsburg and 32 in Avon (in a victory over the Orioles). We will soon find out how 5A shakes out.
  9. FastpacedO

    Sectional 13

    I think you misunderstood my post. I wasn't saying you were an Irish fan. I was saying that the person you were responding to although they have Irish in their screen name they aren't a Irish fan. As far as teams going to Lucas Oil it could be Cathedral. However Columbus East is not as down as some may think. Aside from New Palestine in the North you have Michigan City (who is very solid) and Zionsville (who is up and down). There is not much outside of those 3 teams, while New Pal is the heavy favorite to come out of the North MC Wolves are no slouch and that will be an interesting game if it were to happen. In the South yes I would put Cathedral as a contender along with Decatur Central. Martinsville is solid. Columbus East is still pretty good just a lot of new faces (same as Cathedral) and New Albany gave Columbus East quite a game. It will be interesting to see how the BNL/Col East game goes tonight to see if BNL will be a contender. I can't judge on Castle as I haven't been able to see them play. So I think you have Decatur Central (who like you said sometimes struggles with discipline), Whiteland, Martinsville, Columbus East, Cathedral, and possibly BNL.. I'm not so sure the South is the easier path.
  10. FastpacedO

    Sectional 13

    Don't let the screen name of that poster fool you, you'll notice not really an Irish parent. In all honesty I haven't watched a team yet this year that is perfect and doesn't have things to improve upon (including teams without a loss). Plainfield has a pretty darn good RB, didn't their starting QB get injured earlier in the season?
  11. Not a blogger and definitely not a supporter of the things you spew. Have a great day though!
  12. It doesn't, then again I expect nothing less. Especially from the one who posted it. Best of luck tonight Coach!
  13. FastpacedO

    Bloomington South

    Roncalli isn't the same ball control Offense with several toss sweeps built in. They have become more of a spread offense throw the ball around with inside and outside zone runs the last couple of years. They lost some good players to graduation from last year, but they have still played solid football. This was definitely a solid win for the Panthers.
  14. FastpacedO

    Covington Catholic - Chatard

    No need to get worked up. Lysander and I were discussing Calpreps rankings (specifically where their opponent this week is ranked) which had Warren Central ranked lower than I thought they should be so I mentioned something about it. I'm curious to see if they rise further in the Calpreps rankings over the next few weeks. No need to get bent out of shape.
  15. FastpacedO

    Most Surprising Teams??

    Looks to me like Coach Gillin is happy where he is right now.