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  1. Its a 2 year cycle. It restarts next year...its not a rolling 2 year thing. So if Luers played 2A next year and won state...then they would have to win at least regional the following year to move up to 3A. This year would have no bearing.
  2. Titan20

    Mr. Football

    I think he will finish as the top 4 or 5 in career yardage in Indiana history.
  3. Titan20

    Mr. Football

    You realize Lindauer is going there because they also allowed him to play baseball as well?
  4. Yes I think so. Watch how the Schrage kid looks back at the ref on 2 separate occasions. He knew it was dirty.
  5. Sorry Jets but when someone brings out the b1tch word...well see below. And our series will be tied up soon enough with SR. Good luck WeBo! A current GS middle school coach was on the last WeBo team to win a state championship in 88-89.
  6. Patriots b1tch?? We are 6-3 vs HH since 2012 (Hart era). SR is 4-4 vs HH since 2012. Yet SR is 0-6 vs GS since 2012. Only 1 b1tch I see! Bet my house GS wins the next 6 too. Welcome to 3A Raiders...lol.
  7. Lol....Chatard’s QB wouldn’t start in my family’s Thanksgiving Day pickup game in my backyard. Rewatched the game this morning. Chatard’s #13 Ben Schrage had one of the cheapest personal fouls I’ve seen in a few years. Intentionally stepping on Combs after his 2nd pick six in the end zone. Punk move kid!
  8. Combs is still best player in 3A by wide margin.
  9. Dude....it’s football. Maybe you should follow tennis!
  10. Bundrant huh? Ironic that is also the name of Evansville North's Stadium right off of Hwy. 41.
  11. Exactly...what are you basing that on? Castle and MD both return their QB's. And Central and Reitz have a couple good ones in Banks and Brickey waiting. Now if you said Memorial will have a top 5 QB in the SIAC next year..okay. Last week you said he would be the best in all of southern Indiana next year. Hell he would be 3rd or 4th best in the PAC tops! With Allen, Montgomery, and Sigler.
  12. There may be some talent coming up to help him get there...lol
  13. According to maxpreps, Lindauer would be 6th. Right behind Vlahageorge with 10,301 career passing yards.
  14. This is the same old Chatard. They will play with 2018 Memorial. Who is better than the early 2000's HH teams. You sound like a Buick commercial!
  15. Titan20

    Sectional 32

    Same to you Tigers! Винсеннес все еще сосет