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  1. Titan20

    PAC week 9

    Apparently someone else would take him too.... https://247sports.com/college/indiana/Article/Indiana-Hoosiers-first-to-offer-in-state-2022-quarterback-Brady-Allen-123341465/
  2. He has had absolutely no talent at NP other than Stewart. Cupboard looks bare going forward.
  3. Titan20

    PAC week 9

    It was last year!
  4. Titan20

    PAC week 9

    So stats from the 2 QBs Friday.... Montgomery 2 - 12 - 0 56 yards Allen 19 - 32 - 0 263 yards
  5. Titan20

    PAC week 9

    Well I'll obviously take ours! 3 Td passes and ran for 1. Had 2 additional TD passes called back for lineman down field. Also had a 50 plus yard TD dropped that hit the receiver in the chest. And another TD pass dropped off of the receiver's face. Not to mention all the other drops GS had tonight. Who would you take??
  6. Titan20

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    They serve chicken brats on the corner of E Chandler and College Highway??
  7. Titan20

    PAC Middle school 2018.

    I believe HH played their Sophomore QB in the Frosh game
  8. Titan20

    PAC week 9

    Okay...where will you be sitting?
  9. Titan20

    PAC week 9

    So practically the same QB...so no edge to SR in the passing game? Thanks for proving my point!
  10. Titan20

    PAC week 9

    What?? Yards Yd/gm Comp Att Pct% TD Int Rating 1 Brady Allen - Fr Gibson Southern (Fort Branch) QB 1531 191.4 107 194 .552 19 3 107.1 2 Colson Montgomery - So Southridge (Huntingburg) QB 657 82.1 45 112 .402 9 1 83.1 Apparently you don't know much
  11. Titan20

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    Memorial would host a potential Chatard game as long as the Sectional 31 winner was on the road for their sectional championship game. Memorial will be a road team in the sectional 32 final, so they will need 31 champ to have also played on the road. They still could host the semi state if 31 champ was a sectional championship host depending on Chatard's situation.
  12. Titan20

    Sectional 32

    Sorry but I was at Enlow that night. If Central had anyone else coaching them that night it would have been worse. That may have been Central's best game but they dominated. Turnovers were a big part of the 31-7 loss...not saying HH wasn't better but the score was misleading.
  13. Titan20

    Sectional 32

    LOL! That is GREAT!! ^^^
  14. Titan20

    Sectional 32

    de·stroy dəˈstroi/ verb defeat (someone) utterly. GS beat Southridge 55-14 at SR with a conference title on the line. Central beat Memorial 35-7. I was at Enlow and it wasn't that close. So yes destroyed fits! Exactly!!