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  1. Titan20

    PAC Middle school 2018.

    GS 7th grade up 30-0 over Southridge at half. Running clock 2nd half....game ends 30-0. 7th graders go to 4-1 GS 8th grade up 46-6 at half over Southridge. Running clock 2nd half....game ends 60-6. 8th grade stands at 4-1.
  2. Titan20

    Big 8 Week 5

    FYI...Henderson County is 3-1 now with the loss being by 6 to Reitz.
  3. Titan20

    PAC Middle school 2018.

    GS 8th grade defeated Tell City 44-20 to improve to 3-1 on the season GS 7th grade fell to Evansville North 22-14 for their 1st loss....now 3-1 on the season. Two of North's scores were on a kickoff return and 60 yard interception return. GS Freshman beat Southridge 42-22 Tuesday to go to 4-0 on the season. Wins over Evansville Memorial 22-0, Harrison 37-14, and Phalen Leadership Academy 30-6
  4. Titan20

    Big 8 JV Records and Scores

    Vincennes Freshmen record??
  5. Titan20

    PAC Week 5

    Pike Central 21 Forest Park 7 GS 49 Princeton 14 HH 42 NP 7 SR 56 SS 7 Springs Valley 14 TC 6
  6. Which Zeller you taking about? I think we played all 3...GS actually beat Luke Zeller 3 out of 4, beat Tyler once, and lost to Cody in OT.
  7. Titan20

    PAC Week 4

    I believe the measuring stick is previous GS defensive units. The talk is coming from coaches and players. I think they know that HC will be a huge test and can be the measuring stick on what level the D currently is. The D has looked good so far, especially the SS game. Maybe it was because that game got a little chippy and some nastiness came out. Hoping we can see a little more of that tonight.
  8. I believe GCNT is doing the GS - North Posey game this Friday night
  9. Titan20

    Sectional 32

    And Lindauer is good as well! Lol
  10. Titan20

    Sectional 32

    Agree. Memorial is definitely the favorite in sectional 32. Lots of football to be played. Memorial still has a date with Central looming. GS has dates with Henderson County, HH, and Southridge. And HH has Jasper, GS and Southridge. So like it was said earlier, maybe this topic should be brought up in about five weeks
  11. Titan20

    Sectional 32

    Thanks Patriot74! Good thing college football opens next weekend. But I'll make sure I won't talk about Oregon, Stanford, Wisconsin, TCU or anybody other than Alabama, Notre Dame, and Ohio State. I sure miss the 4 horseman, Johnny Lujack, Tom Harmon, Archie Griffin....those were the days!
  12. Titan20

    Sectional 32

    Lol... I think the problem was saying HH "solved" the Memorial problem. When in fact HH has lost the last 4 meetings and hasn't beaten Memorial in 15 years. And overall have a 6-11 record. GS has lost the last 2 with Memorial but won the previous 3, so 3-2 in last 10 years...but 4-7 overall vs. Memorial. So HHpatriot should have been a politician if he can spin numbers like that!! But I can get numbers to talk too. GS is 6-3 in last 9 meetings with HH and have won the last 3. GS will be and is a problem!
  13. Titan20

    Sectional 32

    You may want to play the Titans at the Jewell. GS is 35-2 on the road in the Hart era. Those 2 losses were semi state losses to Brebeuf and Chatard.
  14. Titan20

    Sectional 32

    Lmao! HH has lost the last 4 meetings with Memorial. Need to worry about solving the upcoming NP and SS problems.
  15. Titan20

    PAC Week 2

    Hope it’s not like a Connor Craig thing.