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  1. Wow! Did it take you all night to type that statement? GOD BLESS YOU!
  2. Jealous? It is a challenge for any HC to go to school and change the culture of the football program.
  3. Are you talking JR Bishop the HC at LC back in the day. BIG FAN! R I P
  4. Probably speak over head!! Sorry!
  5. You want proof, ok when you go dinner with EC staff at the Cincinnati glazier clinic and IFCA Clinic and here how bad it is at EC with Administration. There your proof. Not 1 coach but 5 or 6.
  6. Ok, name the day and date and we can meet.
  7. Coach would love to talk football sometime with you. WCGrad92 and Hank have my # hit me sometime.
  8. Already did! Won't know until December.
  9. Next year when I speak, you can have a front row seat!
  10. Now that os funny! What clinic did you speak out this year.
  11. Z in the knee who is using the football term?