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  1. Lawrenceburg and Aurora/South Dearborn used to schedule twice a year—but they were in different playoff classes. I think a few other rivals used to schedule twice a season regularly.
  2. Dugger and North Central played 3 times (2 regular season, 1 playoff) in ‘97.
  3. School administrators have to consider their overall sports programs plus beaucoup other factors with regard to conference alignment. They can’t just treat football like it’s on an island, with no regard to other sports.
  4. I’d be up for granting home field through Sagarin. I could live with seeding the top 2 to opposite brackets—but until there’s a mercy rule in place, it will never happen. Most likely wouldn’t even with a mercy rule.
  5. Stoner

    Week 7 Scores

    Mooresville 21-17 final
  6. Stoner

    Week 7 Scores

    Mooresville long pass to Eineman sets up TD—21-17 Pioneers 17 seconds left
  7. Stoner

    Week 7 Scores

    Whiteland short FG—17-14 Warriors under 2 left
  8. Stoner

    Week 7 Scores

    Mooresville 14 Whiteland 14 mid 4
  9. Stoner

    Week 7 Scores

    Whiteland 14 Mooresville 7 mid 3
  10. Stoner

    Week 7 Scores

    Mooresville 7 Whiteland 7 4 left in 2nd
  11. Illegally, they can. Home-schoolers legally can play for the public school district that services their residence. Have to take at least one class at said school.
  12. Stoner

    Gameday Scores

    Triton Central 28 Monrovia 0 5 left in 2nd q Complete domination
  13. It’s been awhile, but not all that long ago Batesville beat North Decatur 115-0. Two years after that, North Decatur beat them. Those lifetime scars healed pretty quickly.
  14. Stoner

    Game Night Scores:

    Northview 28 Sullivan 14 end of 3