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  1. I don't get the out of season rules. I mean it basically extends football season two days a week right after the kids are finished with their seasons. Correct?? I don't understand how that helps the cause? To me it would make more sense to have winter sports start at the end of fall sports and so forth. Any other coaches/people reading it this way?
  2. Rhino, You are totally right on this. My wife comes to all of the games (Three kids 8, 4, 10 months), team meals, and most other team functions. We are a football family, and frankly, that's the only way to make it happen. My kids sing the fight song, and love being around the boys. You guys sacrifice so much to make our dreams possible. It is important to acknowledge it, because without you guys we couldn't do it. You guys deserve more than medals for sure!!
  3. US31 I have three kids as well. It was much easier playing man to man defense when we had two. This zone defense stuff is tough. Ha ha.
  4. Realistically, as a head coach I can tell you that time commitment plays a big role in those decisions. For example, and this is without getting too personal, I have kids that do other stuff while I am in football season. So for me, I am going to miss dance classes, sports, and any other activity they may be involved in that doesn't fall on the weekend. I know this going in, and have accepted that. I think for a lot of guys, once they become head coaches, this plays a huge role in longevity. In addition, I think that the off-season demands play a huge role in longevity. This was a popular discussion among a lot of coaches at clinics this year. As a head coach, I do not feel particularly comfortable not being at every in-season and off-season activity. So for me personally, I am making sacrifices not only in-season but out of season as well. Just a few random thoughts. Obviously there are other factors, and each person's decision is unique to him. I can tell you that there are coaches that think the stipends are not where they need to be. I think everyone agrees with that, but we know that going in. Also, I wanted to add that you need a very understanding spouse to do what you love doing. If my wife wasn't as supportive as she is, being a head coach would be a recipe for divorce/marital difficulties. I love doing what I am doing, and I hope to coach forever. None of it is possible without her carting my kids everywhere and being supportive.
  5. Coaching is considered an at-will position. An AD, in theory, does not need to have a reason to let a coach go. Coaching "contracts" are on a year to year basis in Indiana. Obviously, there are other factors in hiring and firing a coach. That is typically up to the administration at the school. Teaching is a completely separate component. Teaching and coaching do not go hand in hand.
  6. Yeah. It was pretty shocking when they said that to me. The receiver was 15 yards downfield and shoved our CB out of bounds to get open. It actually ended up costing us a score right before halftime that changed the complexion of the game. Just wanted clarification for my own piece of mind. Thank you gentlemen.
  7. Interesting scenario came up for us last year in a football game. It has been eating at me for some time, and I am looking for clarification. As a frame of reference, this play occured at least four times in our game. I am not completely sure on the rule, so I am looking for guidance on this one. Team A drops back to throw. The quarterback begins to roll out. Receiver two hand shoves our corner to get open. Quarterback throws the ball to him for a 12-15 yard completion. To me this would represent offensive pass interference. The officials at our game told us that it is not PI because the ball is not in air when he pushes off. My issue is that the only reason the ball is in the air is because he pushed off to get open. Can I get some clarity on the rule please.
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