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  1. We had refs from the Ft Wayne area tell us that they could see 2-3 fields in FW being deemed unplayable.
  2. I will be there. Will get a message to you later in the week
  3. Friday, Oct. 19 North Side at Central, 7:30 pm New Prairie at Washington, 7 pm St. Joseph at Kankakee Valley, 7:30 pm Clay at Riley, 7 pm Mishawaka at Hobart, 8 pm Glenn at Maconaquah, 7 pm Knox at Jimtown, 7 pm Marian at Fairfield, 7 pm Woodlan at Bremen, 7 pm Here are the games for next week. Some new competition for some teams
  4. Indian72

    NIC Regular Season Edns

    and it is not all based on record - lack of self control and discipline on the field which result in too many penalties, lack of coaching and adjustments, an offenxe not built on what we have
  5. Indian72

    NIC Regular Season Edns

    Hobart there - they lost to Lowell tonight then Riley (they play Clay) then probable winner of St Joe/New Prairie if I had my way 12-19 and not safe NO
  6. Indian72

    NIC Regular Season Edns

    But they figured out a way to win.
  7. Indian72

    NIC Regular Season Edns

    Mishawaka beats Penn for the 1st time in 8 years and wins NIC North WOW St Joe beat Adams 36 -12 Marian blasts Washington Anyone think Adams and Washington could be looking for new coaches next year?
  8. Indian72

    What does PENN Have to do?

    Stay in the NIC They may never see the glory period again
  9. Indian72

    NIC Regular Season Edns

    Since few public schools are independent, will Penn be able to come up with the resources to travel distances and then take a hit at the home gate since their schedule will probably be made up of schools some distance from the area?
  10. Indian72

    NIC Regular Season Edns

    Have not heard that one. The interesting things is what will Sb be doing with one of their high schools. There are rumors that Clay as a traditional high school days are numbered. If they eliminate athletics there and make it just an arts and vocational tech high school without sports there could be other changes in enrollment. With our school board who really knows.
  11. Indian72

    NIC Regular Season Edns

    If Penn plays Valpo and Mishawaka and keeps 2 parochial powers that is 4 decent opponents for them. The one fact that is not known is what with the NIC do when Misahwaka leaves and your have 6 team divisions. Will they add more games? Or will they let each school have 4 non conference opponents?
  12. Indian72

    NIC Regular Season Edns

    Can Bremen recover against a decent CMA team? Can NP handle the EC running back? Can EC stop NP with enough discipline to do so? Penn - Mish the back yard brawl how will this one play out having seen both teams I see strengths and weaknesses but emotion will play a big part in this game Marian with a chance to tie for NIC South Adams - SJ the neighborhood battle see how SJ defends the Adams QB
  13. Friday, Oct. 12 Bremen at Culver Academy, 7:30 pm Central at New Prairie ©, 7 pm Glenn at Riley ©, 7 pm Mishawaka at Penn ©, 7 pm Marian at Washington ©, 7 pm Adams at St. Joseph ©, 7 pm Clay at Jimtown ©, 7 pm ©conference game
  14. Indian72

    NIC Week # 8

    I do not recall as I watch Fox at 1030 and another during the 11
  15. Indian72

    NIC Week # 8

    no he did not what they said on the tv highlights