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  1. Our games with them were nip and tuck. 1st one too many penalties and lack of tackling killed us. Missed a field goal that would have won it at the end. 2nd time did a better job on Harness but Shively did us in. Key offsides on 4th down killed us 3 X. SJ left points on the filed at least 3 times in the red zone. Know we passed for over 200 that night. Fumble at then end was the last chance. MHS got a break on a fumble that bounced into QB hands on their final drive. Dwenger is usually physical every time I have seen them play. I just hope the field does not play into the outcome
  2. Indian72

    Semi State Stadiums

    I watched the Luers-Marian game on line it was hard to tell but their field did not appear to be that bad. Mishawaka - according to the radio guys they have put down that mixture on the bare middle to help soak up the moisture. Too bad they did not find the money to put in turf a couple of years ago. Penn or Elkhart Rice Field would have been great alternate sites for that game
  3. Which ones have turf and which ones have natural grass?
  4. Got to see Mishawaka play St Joe twice. Both games were close. Determined in the 4th quarter. Shively and Harness are the man players for Mishawaka . A difficult pair to stop. About the time you load the box they sneak the big play in with a pass. Both games SJ threw the ball for yardage. Wonder if this is a big and physical Dwenger teams like the ones we have played n the past
  5. Indian72

    Regional: Lowell @ Mishawaka

    there could be 2-4" of snow on the field Friday night. Not sure how the filed will take that middle looked a little rough last week
  6. Friday, Nov. 9 Lowell at Mishawaka, 8 pm Marian at Bishop Luers, 7 pm, 14th place Whiting at Bremen, 7:30 pm 3 Teams left - All facing tradition rich programs - 2 get the home field advantage
  7. He is miler then he was a few years ago when the made their run to the finals. That year he was an out of control jerk.
  8. totally agree - doing chains for 40 years I have seen many coaches who cannot control themselves or yell about every play and every call In the heat of competition you have to stay under contorl
  9. some coaches much more emotional than others
  10. Yes a change in AD or Administration is always tough. I think it was your AD but was he standing just off the box the whole game? It just seemed weird to have a member of the staff keep yelling to quit yelling and just talk to the kids. Many coaches have left because they cannot coach they way they always have.
  11. SJ and Mish played a game down to the wire couple of weeks ago Last minute field goal was no good Played the game without Driscoll who was hurt SJ offense seems different recently They did not stop the Mish running back last time, will they this time?
  12. Penn and Warsaw could have some interesting games in the future if they stay in the same sectional.
  13. New Prairie had many cow bells. They did nothing to stop them. Schools have more things to do then enforce cowbells at games.
  14. Friday, Nov. 2 Valparaiso at Penn, 7:30 pm Central at Concord, 7 pm St. Joseph at Mishawaka, 7 pm Maconaquah at Marian, 7 pm Bremen at Bluffton, 7 pm Penn beat Valpo 21-3 in week 1 St Joe lost to Mishawaka 26-24 in week 7 6 NIC teams playing for a sectional championship