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  1. 7 hours ago, DrivenT said:

    I've increasingly noticed here on The GID  the use of the term "Dude" when describing an impact football player, at any level.

    What exactly qualifies a high school football player for "Dude" status?

    Can or does an old school coach use the term "Dude", or is this term generally more reserved for "Bro Coaches"?

    Would like some clarity on this from any of you "Dudes" or "Bros" out there.

    We old school gents just trying to keep up with the times.  They are moving fast.  😀




    #Dudes #TPW #1%


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  2. 1 hour ago, PatriotFan said:

    Yeah, she said she "heard" and wasn't sure.....that is why the "not positive".   Sounds good, heard good things from a couple boys the other night at the fair.....looking forward to the season.

    HH,  Corydon Central, and Boonville participated in a V & JV 7vs7 this morning. A lot of good reps for all involved at HH who was an excellent host. 

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  3. On 6/3/2017 at 9:28 AM, hhpatriot04 said:

    The late Tom Goldsberry ran the conditioning program at Heritage Hills. Mundy took that role when Goldsberry retired after the 2001 season. Mundy knew his stuff and was a huge reason why Heritage Hills produced so many strong and agile players from 2000 until he left (around 2009?) to go teach for the US armed forces in Korea and now Bahrain.

    There are many socioeconomic factors that have changed in the area, as well. But I'm happy to see Heritage Hills is addressing the need for an experienced strength coach, who will likely benefit all athletes especially in track and football.

    I had the privilege of getting to know this man in a very short window. I really enjoyed his stories and passion for HH football. He had some great insites on motivation and strength training as well as thoughts on recruiting. Some days we just talked about fishing and his grandsons. Like him or leave him, you always knew where he stood. Fish'on Tom!

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  4. Haven't read that one. I'll try and check it out. Also read one on the "dollar" package the Rams used vs the Cowboys to combat their shotgun spread stuff. 7 DBS, 4 DL. Very interesting...

    6 hours ago, Irishman said:

    Great read. It is cool to see how some concepts simply just evolve from many years ago. I remember years ago, reading a biography about Vince Lombardi "When Pride Still Mattered" (a great read for any fan of the game). When he was one of the 7 blocks of granite on the Fordham offensive line, they ran an option offense using zone blocking schemes, and that was in the mid to late 1930's.


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  5. 3 hours ago, Cappy said:

    IF it happens, I think it would be best to let it come from an official source. I don't think we want to start running with rumors about 14-17 year olds.

    Cappy, I'm just messing with 32. My point why bring it up other than start rumours. Coach Schenk will do what's in the best interest of all his kids. That's why he was a wanted commodity. Wish all well. Until we scrimmage or play either. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Coach Nowlin said:

    I think its more in line that state champions are more likely to see two players there then if you are a head coach.  


    I don't disagree that could be the reasoning.But Northwood has 2 players for the North team and was state runner-up. Roncalli has 1 representative as State champion.  Not trying to be argumentative, I had been told before HC gets 2. 

    Afterthought, there also are players that would not play due to next level obligations. 

  7. 2 hours ago, ts32 said:

    Linton's Tyler Meurer (FS) and Avery Gentry (ILB) selected to South All-Star squad. Also Sullivan's Trey Powell (QB).

    First time Linton's ever had two representatives.

    Last year D Mo (Dylan Morris) was named to the South All-Stars and played O-line.

    Before that there were only two other Miners - Adam Brewer in the 2006 game and John Turchi in the Inaugural event (1967).

    My understanding not 100%, you get 2 selections if your the HC. 

  8. My daughter is a sophmore at Franklin playing softball. Good friends son is a Jr on the football team. As stated Leonard is the real deal as a Coach and a person. I like their program, and they are definitely competitive. 

    I will repeat CoachK5, be prepared for a huge freshman class. They will find out how much you really love the game. Most can't handle not being the star like in HS. Don't let the D3 moniker fool you. There are very good players at the D3 level. Good Luck in your decision making. Like the school first!

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  9. On 12/15/2016 at 10:38 AM, Indieanapolis said:

    So far my predictions are shaping up nicely. I an impressed by Boonville though. They're definitely preforming better than I anticipated. 

    Vincennes squeaked by Boonville early in the season by hitting a 3ptr from half court at the buzzer. It was a competitive game to say the least.

  10. 1 hour ago, bobref said:

    But then there's that pesky Rule 9-10-1:

    “ART. 1 . . . A player or nonplayer or person(s) not subject to the rules shall not hinder play by an unfair act which has no specific rule coverage.”

    For violation of this rule, the referee is authorized to enforce any penalty he deems equitable, including the awarding of a score.


    I would hope a score would never be awarded. I would like for the officials as a whole to decide if it impacted the outcome of the play...such as receivers stopped running to the ball, everyone hit the deck, or the officials could not confirm result of the play. then I would use my original assessment of a 15 yd penalty from previous spot and replay the down or at least replay the down untimed. If no impact on play.. game over, then follow up with letter to IHSAA asking for the home team to be reprimanded. Maybe a 1 game suspension for the cannon. lol

  11. As far as an OC? I'm thinking I would be sniffing around some potentials around Harbaugh's current or former shirttails. Not necessarily for the X's & O, but from the mentality of coaching with expectations of competing at a high level that they might have soaked up from him. no one in particular, just saying.

  12. 31 minutes ago, BisonUmpire said:

    The only thing I will add though is the HS rule only allows that exception if the holder raises his knee from the ground before passing or handing the ball to his teammate. If he tries to flip it to a teammate with his knee on the ground the ball is immediately dead because he no longer gets the exception. This is different than NCAA and I believe NFL.

    That is interesting, was not aware. Thank you for that extra.

  13. 39 minutes ago, bobref said:

    I would hope the vast majority of officials know this answer. I posted it mostly for the non-officials who have an interest in the nuances of the rules.

    This is not a foul. It is encroachment if any member of the kicking team is on or beyond the free kick line before the ball is kicked... except for the kicker or the holder.

    Thanks, I do enjoy these types of scenarios. 

    While we are on kick holders, I have been asked over and over the years, you probably know what's coming, why the holder (FG, XP) is allowed to have a knee on the ground, receive the snap, then take off for a fake attempt?