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    Big 8 Week 6

    As a defense we were aware of #12 on every play. Just throwing some x's & o's at you if you're interested. Thomas typically lined up backside of 3x1 formations. Conner being our Weak Safety, by formation had the appearance of double coverage but was actually a free player. Double coverage was used at times, but was done with Boonville's #7 & #16. Conner if in went front side to MtV #8. Read that from Belichick, about take away their #2 WR with your #1 defender, then dble with your next best on their #1 WR. We felt like we were getting it done until we had to put some guys in different spots in the 4th. Boonville lost their rhythm and MtV found theirs and then some. I love the defensive chess games. MtV on defense moved Thomas down to 7yds right behind lbrs. IMO he was going to go wherever Conner went. Which opened up the run game for QB Phillips 134 yds 3 TD'S. When you scheme to take something away, you usually give something else up. Also of note, I'm pretty sure #82 for MtV had a solid receptions/yds night. Something we were willing to give up, and a couple plays we didn't even cover the TE. He was standing all alone in the middle of the endzone, when MtV threw the fade incomplete. HS football greatest sport ever!!
  2. Yak

    Big 8 Week 6

    Mt Vernon scored 10 pts through 3 qtrs and 28 in the 4th. Call it what you will, Mt Vernon's unwilling to give in or Boonville's lack of focus being up 24 pts. Regardless alot of excitement in the 4th qtr. Conner came out on offense for a series, 4 defensive secondary were in & out (2 cramps, 1 hamstring & 1 high ankle sprain) caused some confusion. But totally respect the Wildcats, they can be very explosive and Coach Brunson has raised the bar for his program.
  3. Yak

    Big 8 Week 6

    Pioneers took control in the 3rd, pushing out to 34-10. 4th qtr got interesting, but score closer than the actual game. Unofficially Sam Thomas finished with 292 receiving with majority in the 4th, Luke Conner finished with 284 rushing. These two and VL's Corrona, arguably the best 3 players in the conference. IMO
  4. Yak

    Big Eight 2017

    Boonville JV 24 Washington JV 0
  5. Yak

    Big Eight 2017

    Boonville at North Posey
  6. Yak

    DB Faceguarding

    Asking any officials. How often have you called faceguarding and what is your flag trigger to make this call??
  7. Yak

    PAC 2017

    Boonville at North Posey scrimmage
  8. Yak

    PAC 2017

    HH, Corydon Central, and Boonville participated in a V & JV 7vs7 this morning. A lot of good reps for all involved at HH who was an excellent host.
  9. Yak

    Big Eight 2017

    BIG8 graduated some SR RB's that had been around awhile. Moody (Wash), Kennard (MtC), Cartwright (Boon), Meier (MtV), Bickler (Prin). Not too shabby group of backs. I believe Jasper and Vincennes both return their RB.
  10. Yak

    PAC 2017

    I had the privilege of getting to know this man in a very short window. I really enjoyed his stories and passion for HH football. He had some great insites on motivation and strength training as well as thoughts on recruiting. Some days we just talked about fishing and his grandsons. Like him or leave him, you always knew where he stood. Fish'on Tom!
  11. Haven't read that one. I'll try and check it out. Also read one on the "dollar" package the Rams used vs the Cowboys to combat their shotgun spread stuff. 7 DBS, 4 DL. Very interesting...
  12. http://nflfootballjournal.blogspot.com/2017/04/the-1966-miami-dolphins-and-46-defense.html?m=1
  13. You got enough recruits already. Way to many studs, mine would probably just make the scout team. Lol
  14. Maybe so, I think I have an old list of emails from youth league days. Did you talk to my son down at EVV North at Elliots camp? He mentioned someone from GS spoke to him.
  15. Cappy, I'm just messing with 32. My point why bring it up other than start rumours. Coach Schenk will do what's in the best interest of all his kids. That's why he was a wanted commodity. Wish all well. Until we scrimmage or play either.
  16. Lol, don't be vague....You know. Doesn't hurt my feelings a bit. PAC brethren may not be as happy. Js ?
  17. Yak

    Parents or players thoughts on D3

    My daughter is a sophmore at Franklin playing softball. Good friends son is a Jr on the football team. As stated Leonard is the real deal as a Coach and a person. I like their program, and they are definitely competitive. I will repeat CoachK5, be prepared for a huge freshman class. They will find out how much you really love the game. Most can't handle not being the star like in HS. Don't let the D3 moniker fool you. There are very good players at the D3 level. Good Luck in your decision making. Like the school first!
  18. Yak

    Big 8 Girls Basketball

    Vincennes squeaked by Boonville early in the season by hitting a 3ptr from half court at the buzzer. It was a competitive game to say the least.
  19. Yak

    End of game scenario

    I would hope a score would never be awarded. I would like for the officials as a whole to decide if it impacted the outcome of the play...such as receivers stopped running to the ball, everyone hit the deck, or the officials could not confirm result of the play. then I would use my original assessment of a 15 yd penalty from previous spot and replay the down or at least replay the down untimed. If no impact on play.. game over, then follow up with letter to IHSAA asking for the home team to be reprimanded. Maybe a 1 game suspension for the cannon. lol
  20. Yak

    End of game scenario

    If no potential for an untimed down, then ball game. Shake hands.
  21. Yak

    End of game scenario

    Live ball foul, unsportsmanlike on Team B, Team A untimed down from Team B 25 yd line???
  22. Yak

    Kevin Wilson

    As far as an OC? I'm thinking I would be sniffing around some potentials around Harbaugh's current or former shirttails. Not necessarily for the X's & O, but from the mentality of coaching with expectations of competing at a high level that they might have soaked up from him. no one in particular, just saying.
  23. Yak

    Kickoff encroachment

    That is interesting, was not aware. Thank you for that extra.