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  1. fbcoach911

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    If those kids buy in (and I think they will from what I'm hearing), you're assessment of the "right guy" is accurate in my opinion. Jeff should (should) become the most competitive team for East in a couple/3 years.
  2. ALL extra-curriculars I believe are affected which includes what you listed.
  3. fbcoach911

    Clay Hamblen

    Any updated scoop on Hamblen? He's not on the Bengals roster on their site?
  4. Scheib never won a sectional at FC (7 or 8 years?). FC has not won a sectional in over a decade I know. Mediocre is right.
  5. fbcoach911

    Franklin Central HC

    He never coached at Charlestown
  6. fbcoach911

    Franklin Central HC

    The one thing I like about this situation is that people haven't been slinging names out there starting rumors. I hope people keep it to themselves until it's down to the final 3 or so interviewing. Most of the people that do this don't have a clue about the what's going on anyway.
  7. fbcoach911

    the 80's

    Franklin Central 7 state championship appearances from 1980-1990. 4 championships & 3 runners-up. I believe the first school to ever 3peat 80, 81, & 82.
  8. fbcoach911

    The Future Of Steve Tutsie

    I know some alumni that wouldn't like either 1 of those WC guys there. I would bet the community support would go down the drain.
  9. they're taking applications for this job. if interested email Head Coach Brian Glesing: bglesing@ccsc.k12.in.us
  10. good situation for a young coach to learn football and have fun doing it.