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  1. zardoz34

    Snider Panthers

    If the video of what you are calling spearing is the same play if have seen, it was not spearing. Looked like a mud pit. A talking to from R at worst. Keeping players safe is of most importance, but nothing unsafe on this one in my opinion.
  2. zardoz34

    move boys soccer to spring

    I have talked about this with a few people. The problem with this is that if baseball were in the fall, it would be fallowing the summer baseball season. Arms would probably be worn out by the time they get to high school season.
  3. zardoz34

    40-Second Play Clock

    Looking back over some of the years in which I have data, 2:20 was about the average. However, now it seems 2:30 to be the average for us. Is there more scoring, passes, longer 1/2 time, more penalties, poor clock operators, were we faster at placing and starting the 25 clock then what the 40 clock can do? I don't know. Like I said, it just seems to be longer. I haven't kept data for the past few years. I know there is a correlation between all that and game length. We had a 3 hour game this year with one team going 3 of 17 in the air and the other going 5 of 20 and a combined 20 penalties and 60+ points. That makes for a crappy night.
  4. zardoz34

    40-Second Play Clock

    As an official, having a good clock operator makes all the difference with the 40. Have a bad one and I would rather my teeth drilled without Novocain. Good ball boys and chain crew that are able to get up and down the field helps too. I don't track length of game like I use to before the 40/25, but I think our games have been extended about 10 to 15 minutes longer to play then they were with just the 25 clock. It looks like the 40/25 clock is here to stay. I'm OK with that, but we need to have a running clock rule too.
  5. I had the good fortune to work at Warsaw this year. My 1st time. It was a pleasure to have had the chance to work with him. I wish him the best.
  6. 1st play of 2nd quarter. That is the wrong enforcement. For BD to keep the ball, they have to decline the facemask by Penn. Then assess the block in the back from the spot of the foul or end of the run (whichever is worse). It looks like the ball should have been back on about the 23yd line.
  7. zardoz34

    Why Is There A Shortage Of High School Officials

    From what I hear coming from the sidelines and the bleachers, there isn't any shortage of officials. :)
  8. zardoz34

    The dreaded inadvertent whistle

    My 1st IW (because I've had 2) happened the 1st time I used a mic. Imagine having to broadcast to the stadium that you just fouled up. Yes there is not a hole big enough at that moment.
  9. Nothing like beating a dead horse every year.
  10. zardoz34

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    You made the naughty list for that one!
  11. zardoz34

    Egregious Officiating Error - Bullet Dodged

    I did notice one in the 1st quarter (I think it was the 4A championship). Lots of discussion by the officials in the stands watching. A lot of disagreement. It should not have been untimed. The foul happened with 11 seconds to go in the quarter and the play ended inbounds. Game clock started with the ready for play. Quarter ended with no snap. Went to TV timeout, then had an untied down, then changed ends of the field. Time did not expire during the play.
  12. zardoz34

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Sectional Championship

    West Lafayette @ Twin Lakes Attica @ Lafayette Central Catholic Crown Point @ Merrillville Penn @ LaPorte McCutcheon @ Westfield LaVille @ Southwood Eastern Greene @ West Washington 3 Point Game Muncie Central @ Kokomo FW Concordia @ FW Luers Bremen @ Winamac North Vermillion @ Fountain Central 4 Point Game Whiting @ Knox
  13. zardoz34

    Serious Official Question

    A friend on Facebook posted some of yearbook pictures a few days ago of a volleyball match from 1984. The down official is in a collared striped shirt. Now they wear white. What was really funny is the positioning of the official. He was crouched, hands on knees, under the net between the pole and playing floor.
  14. Pitching is some of the answer. In the old 1 class teams played 2 game for state. Semi finals in the morning and the championship that night. Have to get to the championship night game, so the #1 pitchers always threw the morning game. So you never had 1 vs 1 in the final. Now you can ride a stub through most of the tournament and get the #1 pitcher in the state game. So to answer why the girls get only 3 weeks for the tournament? Because it's girls. Football ends the fall season, boys basketball ends the winter season, and baseball ends the spring season.
  15. The softball is played with a 1 game regional during the middle of the week so the tournament can be run in a 3 week span. That way the state finals are not the same weekend for both baseball and softball. To make a softball semi state 1 game, it would have to be played in the middle of the week only giving schools and communities just a few days to prepare for the state finals.