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  1. Congrats to the Bulldogs who outplayed Avon in every aspect of the game. On a night when you would think the running game would be the difference, the ‘dogs defense shut down Sampson James. I wonder if he did sustain some type of injury against Ben Davis as he doesn’t seem to be able to cut like he should. Regardless, Avon was well scouted and Brownsburg had answers all game long on both sides of the ball. Rematch looms in sectionals. Brownsburg is my new #2 team in the 6A poll!
  2. Staxawax

    Gameday Scores

    Brownsburg 14 Avon 0 at half. ‘Dogs have dominated on both sides of the ball and as usual Avon is killing themselves with turnovers and penalties.
  3. Not really a must see. They are better known for closing multiple roads simultaneously and funneling all traffic onto Rockville road.
  4. The Avon Orioles head 5 miles north to challenge Brownsburg’s Bulldogs this Friday. This game is always circled on each teams calendar as it’s a long standing backyard rivalry. It means a little more this year as both are top 5 teams in 6A. Avon got caught looking ahead against HSE and the offense sputtered most of the night. The defense though stayed solid and kept the Royals frustrated all game. Brownsburg continued to dominate as they pounded HCC newcomer Franklin Central. But they feel there’s plenty to improve on. The winner will be the favorite for sectional 7 and the regional against the sectional 8 winner. Should be a classic! Who ‘ya got?
  5. Staxawax

    Game Night Scores:

    Avon 29 HSE 10. Final.
  6. Staxawax

    Game Night Scores:

    Avon 16 HSE 6- half. Very uninspiring half of football by the Orioles.
  7. Staxawax

    Game Night Scores:

    I see you’re back in your “league”.
  8. Staxawax

    AP Poll Week 3

    I think Avon is a top 5 team, other than that only Brownsburg next week and again in sectionals is really all that matters. I think whoever comes out of that sectional will win the regional and go up against either Warren or a vastly improved Ben Davis in semi-state.
  9. Staxawax

    Ben Davis at Avon

    It will be interesting to see the stats. I'm sure Avon was over 100 yards in penalties and they were at critical times. BD also had ill-timed penalties and there were turnovers both ways. James tweaked his right knee in the 2nd quarter and wasn't effective the rest of the game. But he was nearly unstoppable for 1 1/2 quarters. Hope the knee is not serious. The Giants have plenty of weapons, they just need more experience. I think they will be top three in a more balanced MIC and provide more than Warren really wants come sectional time. Avon has a huge roady at Brownsburg in 2 weeks and they will undoubtably meet again in sectionals.
  10. Staxawax

    Week 2 Scores

    Final- Avon 41 Ben Davis 36.
  11. Staxawax

    Week 2 Scores

    Avon 41 Ben Davis 30 6:33 left
  12. Staxawax

    Week 2 Scores

    MIC 2 Louisville Trinity 0.
  13. Staxawax

    Week 2 Scores

    Avon 35 Ben Davis 30 10:39 left
  14. Staxawax

    Week 2 Scores

    Warren Central 42 Trinity 41 under 2 minutes
  15. Staxawax

    Week 2 Scores

    Avon 28 Ben Davis 17 half Sampson James of Avon went to the locker room halfway through the 2nd qtr with an unknown leg injury. New Pal 17 CG 6. 3:00 2nd qtr