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  1. or Neds Corner Pub for a King Tenderlion
  2. My two cents.... The white hat made the correct call on the "Roughing the Kicker" play.
  3. KHS plays on turf.... AND have made nice improvements to Walter Cross field. In my my judgement Walter Cross and Ames are the top 2 football fields in the state. I have worked VF @ MC before.
  4. The calls were not hogwash... The game was a well officiated game. Snider has no one to blame but themselves.
  5. Kokomo 46 Laf. Jeff 14 time of poss. in 4th qu. 12:00 KHS ..0:00 Laf. Jeff
  6. I do not see a poll forum also.
  7. I guess you can change Muncie and Anderson. That is a good idea to send Laf. Jeff and Harrison up North.
  8. North 1Laf. Jeff, Harrison, McCutchoen, Westfield and Zionsville 2. F.W. Snider, F.W. North, Huntington North, Anderson 3.Elkhart Central, Elkhart Mem. Concord, Goshen 4. Mich. City, Mishawaka, SB Adams and Kokomo
  9. McFly

    Week 3 scores.

    36-0 Kokomo over Marion .. delayed until tomorrow at noon
  10. McFly

    SAC Week 2 Thoughts?

    Special teams will be key..
  11. McFly

    SAC Week 2 Thoughts?

    Kokomo beat a well coached Mt. Vernon team 55-7.... Kokomo is pretty good.. I would be surprised if they lose tonight.
  12. McFly

    Scrimmage Results?

    Kokomo looked strong. They moved the ball on offense and the defense gave up 1 TD to Maconaquah.