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  1. backerfan

    NLC - 2018

    Great win NR!
  2. backerfan

    NLC - 2018

    Well said. We are no where near as good this year. It’s miles apart. With that said, the NLC is so bad, we may end up being the tallest midget at the end of the day. Good luck to all.
  3. backerfan

    NLC - 2018

    My questions I have:: Is the NLC a three horse race or four? Is Curtis as good and cool as he seems? How did wawasee get so bad? Why is Plymouth no longer sponsered by Hacieneda? Will Concord finish in the top 4? Curious minds want to know ...
  4. backerfan

    NLC - 2018

    Our numbers have really dropped. Talked with a few people recently, I didn't realize how many kids(potentially real good) have decided not to play. Rather shocking actually. All cite different reasons, including some suspensions. It's amazing how "things" can flip in such a strong program so quickly. For the record, I am not picking us. :) It was asked earlier, yes Yoder is playing QB and defense. He may get moved around as well.
  5. backerfan

    NLC - 2018

    Have you left the Mayflower yet after typing this? Seriously, the fastest kid in years? Favorite? Maybe you have a kid playing, which I understand the bias... or maybe this is actually Barron posting :) good luck..
  6. backerfan

    NLC - 2018

    Hi Gentlemen, Most everyone that you speak with, says conference will be very average at best, with 3 really bad teams and 4 medicore to slightly above average teams. So you're point is well taken, NR even with losing allot will be right there. Concord has some offensive weapons back and QB, but lost all 7 of their best defensive players.. Plymouth lost a ton and not many years left for Barron, but does return a good fullback and QB. Also heard they will have a number of guys going both ways, so that will help IMO... Of course, it's well documented we lost a number of extremely talented players. Of course it should be and it will be the Yoder show.. We also will have a couple of surprises along with a great coach and staff. The Giant Wild card is Warsaw.. Heard various reports from people already hating the new coach to others lovin it.. Any ways, that's my two cents or less...
  7. An extremely good guy. Good coach, but better dude.. Wish him the best
  8. backerfan

    IFCA All State Teams

    Thanks for posting from an NLC perspective, this list doesn’t even come close to having some of the best players. The jr list is even more of a head scratcher enjoy Sunday football
  9. backerfan

    NLC 2017

    Congrats to all. Special shout out the Nw kids. You guys have been a pleasure to watch. As for Bronson and others, see you next year. Do some great things in track. Happy for the numerous NR kids. Well done. Very happy specially for Holley. Battled allot of injuries. Very Good kid and very good player! Tough as nails. Coach wogsman did a wonderful job with this group. Future is very bright. Happy Drudge got voted onto team even though missing half of the year. A tremendous safety And hitter. Good luck and get healthy. To answer your question, we have approx 11 or so starters returning. With a stud back. Concord has about the same. Rockies lose a ton. NR has a tremendous Frosh class and potentially a stud QB and very well coached. Take your pick between concord, us and NR next year. Sounds familiar
  10. backerfan

    NLC 2017

    NRraider2001, great season and congrats on winning the NLC. Your posts and passion were/are very cool. Good luck in all endeavors.
  11. backerfan

    NLC 2017

    Didn’t post this week because I had no idea how we would react this week. With that said, we did well. Smart had the best game both defensively and offensively in his career. Any college will be fortunate to have him. Loved the creative offense. Both Yoder’s made me proud. O line played well. A giant caveat to the outcome is, Plymouth playing without Drudge on defense, is simply a huge difference. Watching huddle, smart and Drudge were/are the difference makers that can’t be overcome. Plymouth’s d is a shell of themselves compared to a few weeks ago. Enjoy Saturday football
  12. backerfan

    NLC 2017

    I am stunned you work in the role you are in. Simply stunned..
  13. backerfan

    NLC 2017

    To even remotely suggest grass and turf have similar risk factors is total BS in regards to leg injuries. Yes, I know you work in the medical world as I do. There is not one credible Dr or trainer that agrees with your suggestion that All things are equal. And please, don’t post some garbage study from JBJS, turf manufacturers or Joiurnal of sports medicine. good luck to your Rockies
  14. backerfan

    NLC 2017

    Grid, best game setting around. Maybe In the state. Visitor section looking out into the lake and campus. Two tremendous restaurants in the Edge water and Pappas in culver. Cma will have maybe 10 fans, you will out number them by a country mile. Not a a shot at CMA, just very few local fans. Enjoy it, go early, take it in.
  15. backerfan

    NLC 2017

    NW has a very good Frosh group. Hope they continue to develop. Same goes for NR, I was impressed with the potential of both. At this point, keep them involved in the programs and with both staffs, the future continues to be very bright. Good luck to all tonight.