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  1. statmurp

    Sectional 20

    With the conditions of the 'old' natural sod playing surfaces, does the Concordia owned Zollner Memorial Stadium playing surface really matter any more for this season? Before the 4A Sectional 20 Sem-State in 2017, IHSAA Football Commissioner Robert Faulkens was called from Indianapolis to Fort Wayne, and performed an inspection; he condemned the surface for any more games to be played on the miserable surface that season. Dwenger played their Semi-State game at Homestead on the synthetic surface.
  2. Accurately observed; But those 700 viewers, could have been the Alum., viewing from anywhere on the world, or even the International Space Station, many miles above the planet.
  3. The fog is rolling in. Three banks of stadium lights have stopped working. Third quarter almost over. The 'Saints' lead by 6 points.
  4. Where is the argument you are expecting? Game time in about 30 MINS.
  5. Sports News Briefs, state it is a season-ending fractured ankle.
  6. statmurp

    SAC week 7

    Summit City Sports on YouTube 'LIVE' stream at 6:55 PM
  7. statmurp

    SAC week 7

    I'm going to start down this path of the knowledge base, but surely I'll leave something out. Therefore I'll leave my lapses for someone else to fill in. Your SummitCity Sports Presentation when they are live streaming, is simultaneous in three formats: YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. If you were watching YouTube, and you were experiencing freeze up, I would have to chalk it up to the Wi-Fi they're borrowing for its usage which is already in place at the stadium site. Wayne High School is the Southernmost campus, of any member of the Summit Athletic Conference. It is actually two high schools in one; I.E., your standard fair high school setting, and the Fort Wayne Community School's High Tech. Academy. It is not within the Fort Wayne Corporate Limits and is located a couple of miles East of the International Airport. Over the years, there has been a transformation of enrollment do to Elmhurst H.S. being closed, and some fluctuation of move in's and move outs. Until the Tech. Academy addition was constructed the campus was a virtual copy of Northrop H.S. on the Northside of Fort Wayne. With that stated Wayne is a football enrollment IHSAA classification of 4A, while Northrop is a 6A. Wayne has seen a steady flow of football coaching staffing, with some being around for 8 or 9 seasons, and some being around for one or two seasons before moving on. The current head coach is in his fourth year of the program. They've always have had very good athletes to mold into a collective team, but they needed the jelling of having all members on the same page and for many occasions have come up short. This season, they've become progressively better with each game performance. Now they, as a team, kind of have a virtual burr under their saddle, because their performances should speak for itself; yet, those IFCA and AP polls, as they believe, doesn't actually speak to the reality of their situation. I'm going to relay one more thought, and then it's someone else's turn. There might be an athlete or two that fits your inquiry about Bishop Luers being the recipient, but truly, that might have more credence with an athlete or two from Fort Wayne South Side.
  8. statmurp

    Snider Panthers

    Then you should also remember, that if it was only a suspension from one school. and the suspended person was shadowing a different school for possible enrollment, the next school wouldn't accept their enrollment until the suspension period had been served. I'm not sure, in this case, if the rest of the semester will have to be achieved by online classes, or a physical attendance at an alternative school setting. Most of the in-the-city-schools, attempt to cooperate in this regard.
  9. I didn't consider it! I was telling the story as I understood it, and some of these official's dramas have played out. What is your take on increasing numbers of game officials were there enough officials to make it happen? I know one older official in the state, who not only officiated high school games but also Indiana Heartland Conference College games for a number of years as well. He always explained to me, that he believed at the high school level games were served best with five officials, rather than six. With six officials, you don't have the defensively, and a field centralized back judge, instead, you have two officials deep and standing along each sideline. What do you suppose he might have been suggesting; going to seven? I have no idea.
  10. Sometime back, maybe three to five years ago, or so; there was some controversy about how many games officials were the appropriate number. Some of the IHSAA licensed crews were using six officials, and the rest were using the standard varsity game five. I had watched a couple of those six crew member officiated games and the only item for the issue, as I could see, was the age of certain crew members. Yes, age-related! Many of these officials had been performing this task for more than 30 to 35 years, and the leg speed just wasn't what it used to be. These guys gave it their all, but mother nature had her own time clock, or game clock if you will. Hence, some crews were able to continue succeeding seasons, by adding the sixth member. As I have come to Understand, the reasoning might have been well thought out, and these crews just spread out their stipends in six ways, instead of the usual five ways. I don't actually recall how the IHSAA office became involved, but I do remember Commissioner Bobby Cox statement was, to the essence, the game officials training is for five crew members and not six. Therefore the rule will remain five crew members for all varsity games until there is a time when this need for additional crew members can be reevaluated and the rule can be revisited. Maybe, now is the time for this as well, but no one should be holding their breath.
  11. statmurp

    SAC week 6

    No, it should be considered glib, if the intent of the statement, was an attempt to inject humor when being humorous is the direct opposite of actually what this situation requires; I.E., no matter the outcome.
  12. statmurp

    SAC week 6

    This is precisely what you should be doing, even if you believe you had an inside track to the accurate information. It isn't your business to know anyway, whether you know something about it or not. You or no one else should be discussing it on this forum, or any other social media site either. That is the reason I've responded, and I believe my reasoning should be appropriate.
  13. statmurp

    SAC week 6

    What makes you believe the Snider Football staff has the authority, which is well defined by school and FWCS policy, to explain anything to you about the reasoning for this disciplinary procedure? I"m almost sure the team members, who more likely than not, have been schooled about not airing out dirty laundry to anyone. Surely someone will spill the beans, even if they're not supposed too.
  14. statmurp

    SAC week 6

    Why so glib? Or do you actually find any of this amusing?
  15. Don't me started about Kevin Leininger, because he has the ability to sling the B.S. with the best of them; especially if will butter his own bread. He has wanted everyone to believe his reporting and commentary about the Electric Works project is objective: NOT. His writing is most un-objective and is within the lockstep of Doctor John Crawford, M.D., who is running for Mayor in the Republican Primary next May 2019. Maybe If Crawford wins the General Election Mayoral race, he will provide a lucrative City job for Mr. Leininger. Surely you understand how the political spoils system works. And now, your comments here are just chiming in as well. Does Dr. Crawford have a position for you, if he is elected?