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  1. FishDuck

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    The large majority of the time he is yelling it is things like "we gotta play better. we gotta find a spark, a rhythm. gotta play harder, gotta do our job better" etc...watch some of the NFL Films videos of him when he is mic'd up. He's a competitor, of course he gets mad when the team isn't scoring points. That's why he is still playing the game at age 41 after accomplishing everything there is to do; he still loves to compete and win. If you shut down their wide zone runs and stack the middle of the field to force passes to be thrown around the numbers or wider you will be fine, whether you hit Brady or not. And I would guarantee deflategate is the furthest thing from Belichick's mind tonight. He got his revenge by hoisting the Lombardi that year; that guy never looks in the past for revenge or anything like that. Too focused on the present, 2 totally different teams taking the field tonight. Now, back to the matchup...Grant, Ebron, and Hines will be tough matchups for the NE defense. If the Colts find ways to get them 1 on 1 with the NE linebackers, whether it be by formation or motion or post snap route movement, they will have plenty of room to work and move the ball. Patriots also don't have much pass rush at all, so Luck should have time to throw and not be worried about getting hit. Only potential concern I see is if he is still feeling the effect of throwing it 62 times on Sunday. Maybe the Colts try to finally establish the run game this week. It's a Thursday night game. Teams never play a complete game on Thursdays and you very rarely see blowouts--just look at how bad the Minnesota and LA defenses (2 of the best in the league) looked last week. Look at how poorly the Ravens defense played against Cincy on Thursday night. One side of the ball is usually always a little slower than usual and beat up when you play on Thursday. Hope I'm wrong, but I still see this being a close game.
  2. FishDuck

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    I actually disagree with your prediction on the game Thursday. The Colts have several matchups that they can exploit on offense and should have no problem scoring on the Patriots defense. I expect the game to be a shoot out and come down to turnovers and special teams play to determine the victor. Playing on a short week doesn't give Belichick as much time to tear you apart and develop a game plan, so there is an advantage there as well. Not to mention Gronk being hurt last week and not having as much recovery time. The key to beating the Patriots isn't getting Brady mad; it's keeping him off the field. You have to win first down early in drives and not allow the offense to get more than 1 first down a drive early in the game. Then they can't get in synch and will starting searching for the big play. Brady might get angry on the sideline and yell to try to fire his guys up, but it rarely translates to the field in a negative way. If anything it dials him in more and when he gets that way if you allow him to get a couple first downs early in drives you are in a world of trouble. The Colts look far better so far this season than I expected. It will be a good game!
  3. FishDuck

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    Playing for a tie is an absolutely awful strategy, especially when you are a first year coach trying to establish a winning culture. There's no way I would want to play for a coach that comes in and accepts a tie rather than giving the offense a chance to win the game. If you have the ball in your best player's hand you play for the win 11 out of 10 times. The defense just has to be better and not give them a chip shot field goal in that situation.
  4. Lol ok, wasn’t going to blast you. Was just going to mention that FC was a totally different team after the coaches were ejected and they were allowed to huddle on their sidelines and have a little pep rally before the coaches were forced to leave the field. 180 degree change in their attitude after that, so I wouldn’t say a coach getting ejected is the reason BNL won (not that you would try to blast anyone), if anything it looked to fire up the FC team more.
  5. Were you at the game?
  6. FishDuck

    Bears 2016/2017 and Now 2018

    If you still don’t think an elite pass rusher is worth near-QB money go look at the way Blake Bortles carved up the Patriots defense after Trey Flowers got hurt yesterday. If you can’t create pressure with a 4 man rush 99% of QB’s in the league will pick you apart.
  7. FishDuck

    Bears 2016/2017 and Now 2018

    Nagy looked absolutely terrified the later it got and his play calling showed it. That was rough to watch
  8. FishDuck

    Bears 2016/2017 and Now 2018

    Bears looking pretty smart right now
  9. FishDuck

    Bears 2016/2017 and Now 2018

    They really didn’t give up much if you look at the draft picks they sent/received and considering they got a top 5 defensive player in the league, in his prime I think it’s a huge win for the Bears. Still got a QB on rookie contract as well so the $ isn’t much at all in today’s league and in years coming. When you play Rodgers, Stafford, and Cousins twice a year you have to invest in defense and the Bears are building a very talented young group there
  10. FishDuck

    Monrovia @ Linton

    Doesn’t seem to be much to talk about on this one. Hopefully the Miners continue to improve and can pull this one out. What have been some positives from the first 2 games for Linton? We’ve heard about the negatives
  11. Doesn't seem like an excuse to me, just stating that Linton isn't good enough to beat a good Sullivan squad without one of their best players. Now, if we see a post next week blaming the loss on injured players I would call that an excuse For the record, I'll pick the Miners to come out strong and win a close one. Would hurt me too much to pick Sullivan to win, although I think they are the better team lol
  12. FishDuck

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    I've got the Colts around 7-8 wins if Luck plays the entire season; which I believe he will. He looked good last week and the offense is leaps and bounds ahead of its old ways as far as style and play calling. Thought the linebacker corps showed some really good athleticism and potential, especially when it comes to the passing game. Those guys run well and are pretty solid in space for being so young and inexperienced. The problem with the defense is going to be pass rush, which is going to result in a lot of big plays against them because you can't ask any secondary to cover for as long as the Colts are going to be asked to. Also not sure if the defense has enough size to withstand a full game of inside runs. Definitely need another RB, it seems like Mack is pretty injury prone after the shoulder last season and now the hamstring this early on. Still think he and Turbin and solid guys to have in the group, but another decent runner would be helpful. I don't see Ballard busting out the check book next offseason either from what we've seen and heard this year. Except if Oakland lets Mack hit the market, but I doubt that will happen, I expect them to either resign him or trade him to somewhere that will sign him long term. A lot of pass rush talent in next year's draft with the aforementioned Bosa and also Ed Oliver, who I believe is the next Aaron Donald type player in the league. Not to mention Reshaun Gary, Clelin Ferrell, and Christian Wilkins.
  13. Never said anything about not liking you. Seem like a good guy to me and a good fan that supports your team. Some of your arguments make it seem like you get a little too emotionally invested and some of your information has been proven false, but nothing on here is personal. My post was really just a point of humor directed at all of us talking so much about freshman and JV scores when they really don’t have much bearing on what will happen this season. I get it though, it’s almost season time and we are all ready for it to start and ready to see some ball being played!
  14. Oh Lord, please tell me FC’s youth league doesn’t play against CE’s and I’m not about to read how the 3rd grade highlanders beat the brakes off the 3rd grade olympians 😬