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  1. I believe coaches will too, but what I am seeing is a player now has the opportunity to the sport they love the most. i believe other sports will see this too. Let's say that my QB wants to play college football but loves basketball so he chooses to not to play basketball because I'm running QB drills in the winter? I really see this hurting volleyball and girls basketball.
  2. I believe this was discussed before but now that we are in to the Fall sports, I am wondering if anyone else is seeing the downside of doing this. For those that dont know, out of season sports now have a time frame where they can hold "open gyms" for their sports, in the off-season, for example baseball is now and again during winter. I believe basketball is now and spring, etc. I know our region IFCA was not for the change but it still passed with the IHSAA. This is my observation of what we have created...... Numbers are way down across the state in football. Is it because of the bad media attention, or is it because now an athlete can practice their favorite sport in the off season. Half the teams in the NIC cant field a freshmen team. At least 3-4 teams in the NLC cant field a freshmen team??? WHY?? 2 former football players at NP have opted to practice baseball instead of playing football, one would of started this season . But can I blame the kid, his love is baseball, he played football in the past because he enjoyed it and he was an athlete, but now he has a choice. We all stand on our podiums saying we want multi-sport athletes but pass a rule where we are creating specialization. We are fortunate to mustard up a freshmen team this year but how many kids didnt come out because of the new rule? I would like to know if any schools are making internal rules against this "Open Gym" concept. Coaches working together to prevent players feeling the pressure in choosing. I know if I was a kid, i would be worried that somebody else could take my position in the offseason because I am out playing a different sport.
  3. New Prairie is looking for a Freshmen or C team game for Thursday 10/11/18. Please contact Ben Bachmann AD at New Prairie HS.
  4. Please contact NPHS @ 574-654-7271 Ben Bachmann- AD or Coach Gumm
  5. That would be an outstanding conference!!! All great schools with awesome fan support!!
  6. Not sure why people think we would want to go west? Almost all Duneland and NCC schools are a hour away, ( 94 traffic) I do see the future of NIC in question. The fear about New Prairie is the CST time. Personally I'd really like to continue to play St Joe, Marian, Jimtown, Glenn and find a couple more schools to join us. The NLC would of been a lot of fun except the travel to Warsaw and Wawasee. Take those two out of the equation and you have a solid 4/5 A conference. All within 45 min of NP.
  7. New Prairie is looking for more teams to scrimmage this Thursday 7/19/18, 4 pm - 7pm CST. Teams attending so far are Michigan City, North Judson and New Prairie. Players and coaches will be fed after scrimmage. Contact Coach Gumm by text if interested. 574-876-0806
  8. Thoughts and prayers to David and his family, Coach Bill Sharpe, and the entire Jimtown and Laporte community's, from your friends in the New Prairie community.
  9. New Prairie will be hosting a controlled scrimmage on July 19th with Michigan City and North Judson. Would like to have one more team. Teams will be fed afterwards!! Please contact Coach Gumm if interested. bgumm@npusc.k12.in.us
  10. We all know that THOSE coaches are out there. But we have been very fortunate to have our basketball and baseball coaches encourage their players to play football. Basketball coach is my offensive pressbox coach too.
  11. Agree, I believe it will cause coaches in other sports to be not so supportive of having their athletes play other sports when they can have 2 hour practices twice a week. It will definitely hurt smaller schools. The not so talented athlete will be pulled more towards their stronger sports. And I don't know about everyone else's contracts but now to continue keeping up with other teams that are "practicing" I'm coaching how many more weeks for free? Only person that will profit from this will be divorce lawyers!!
  12. New Prairie Middle School has 2 openings for football coaches. For possible teaching positions, go to NPUSC website. Football questions contact jbolakowski@npusc.k12.in.us ( MS head coach) or ddeshone@npusc.k12.in.us (MS AD)
  13. We call that "game ready" at NP !!
  14. Not sure what you mean? It shows Jimtown with the W and on bremens page it shows an L