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  1. olinecoach

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    As someone who played in the conference and someone who has coached against all of these New Pal teams mentioned (and coached their current best player), this is the BEST New Pal team they've had. Better than any other Coach Ralph has had which is scary to think. This is the most complete oline they have had as well as being more than solid in all three phases. Past teams have somewhat struggled defending or struggled on special teams, not this one. I'm not one for the Warren or them debate, it's irrelevant. They are the best team in 5a (yes I've watched Mich City) and are probably top 3-5 overall in the state.
  2. olinecoach

    Most Surprising Teams??

    Not sure on that. I know they had a ton of significant injuries last year and the record reflected it. I would imagine any pressure he may be getting he can handle well.
  3. olinecoach

    Most Surprising Teams??

    Merrillville has made a nice turn around in the past year and seems to be the favorite in their sectional. I coached with Coach Seiss when he was at Muncie Central, so I am not surprised they are back on the right track.
  4. olinecoach

    CIC Week One

  5. Who got where they are today because of the work that their teachers put in to educate them...
  6. Brady Pease LB: Delta, Not sure about college interest right now, but I am sure there is plenty.
  7. olinecoach

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    Kind of unrelated, but as a track coach as well as football I love how you put these athletes track stats in your analysis. There are so many benefits from kids doing multiple sports, especially track, and as you are pointing out, it is a great indicator of future potential football success.
  8. olinecoach

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    Sounds like there could be some unhappy returners if said move in takes a spot...
  9. olinecoach

    Region 5

  10. olinecoach

    Colby* new Maconaquah Coach

    I played with Austin in the North/ South game in 2011 and coached against he and his dad the couple years I was at Muncie Central. He will do a great job and is no stranger to how a winning program is supposed to be run. Congrats!
  11. Best analogy I have seen used ever on these forums!
  12. If you are not aware of the fact that you are watching (or choosing not to watch) some of the highest quality football there has ever been at all levels of the game then you my friend are not paying attention. If actually building meaningful relationships with your players and being able to relate to them is seen as "bro culture" then I am as bro as they come. Just because you don't like something does not make it an infection of the game. I will also use this platform to continue to refute the notion that what you call "bro culture" is negatively impacting the game.
  13. olinecoach

    Kirk Kennedy Retires

    How do we know this is the reason? He has been coaching a long time. He has had success in many seasons. Maybe he just wanted to call it a career and do/be something besides a football coach. Just because someone doesnt coach until they die does not mean they are unable to adapt with the kids along the way.
  14. olinecoach

    Kirk Kennedy Retires

    I don't see how adapting to the culture and kids you are coaching is a bad thing? Obviously there is a line between player and coach, but just because it isn't the same as it was in the "old school" days doesn't mean it isn't successful or productive.
  15. olinecoach

    40-Second Play Clock

    As a coach I like the 40 second clock. I think that it helps with rhythm offensively from a play calling stand point because you have a set amount of time that is constant between each play. In the past, you would have some crews who would be able to set the ball quickly or vice versa and as a coach you would have to adjust like-wise. Now, the spot of the ball is almost an after thought.