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  1. PHJIndy

    Cathedral - St Xavier

    A couple of more thoughts before putting this behind us. I was disappointed the UIndy has decided to charge for parking on their lot. Cathedral has played there for many years and this is the first time they have done this. Maybe someone can explain the rationale behind this. I'm sure the substantial field rental should be enough to fill the UIndy coffers. Maybe they're just trying to catch up to Butler. Last but not least, the officiating was very acceptable Friday night. It seems that St. X, and other Ohio schools, get better treatment in Indiana than Indiana teams get in Ohio. I wish St. X well the rest of the season. It's always fun watching the Bombers play!
  2. You just enjoy stirring things up. I lived two blocks from Tech and walked to Cathedral for four years. My mother's house was bought and rehabbed, just as a lot of other home have been rehabbed in that area, 30 years ago and that neighborhood is as stable as any in Washington Township. There have been "riots" on Tech campus for as long as I can remember, and that's a long time. Center Grove had no problems playing there as have a lot of other schools throughout the years.. Ask CG fans what they think of playing at Tech. As far as the "vast endowment" Cathedral does what they can do for all their students. It takes a lot of that "endowment" just to keep the doors open. Maybe you should try playing your little superiority game elsewhere as I'm not giving you the pleasure of answering back to your wild BS.
  3. No one is butthurt. Just pointing out the facts.
  4. Cathedral played Louisville Trinity long before Carmel picked them up. And the Cathedral/Carmel series probably would have continued if Carmel would have played Cathedral away from Carmel's home field. Center Grove at lease played Cathedral at Indianapolis Tech last season. That's more than Carmel would do to keep the series going.
  5. It's sadder that you don't understand much of what you're saying. There are no Cathedral fans praising any loss. A loss is a loss. The quality of play, however, is a different thing. You can get better and still lose. The season is all about the playoffs. This is just preseason right now, except for those schools playing for a conference title. These games are to get ready for the playoffs. There is still the will to win but getting better is what its all about during the regular season. No excuses from this old Irish fan! Yeah, that doesn't factor in Cincinnati Elder or St. X.
  6. Different time, different circumstances. Streiff's record wherever he coached speaks for itself.
  7. I realize you enjoy trollin' and shakin' things up, but Rick Streiff needs no apologists. His record speaks for itself. He's a future HOFer.
  8. I think he's proven he's a pretty good coach. He left NC to watch his son play football at Cathedral.
  9. PHJIndy

    Cathedral - St Xavier

    Pretty close to that.
  10. Rick Streiff had winning records while at NC. Not an easy task at that time.
  11. PHJIndy

    Cathedral - St Xavier

    Thanks for that info! A sweep of St. X doesn't happen often, in fact it may be a first. Happy for Howard and the Freshmen!!
  12. Actually, yes they are!
  13. PHJIndy

    Cathedral - St Xavier

    Having seen every game in the Cathedral/St. X series, I've seen miracle, game ending, drives by the Bombers more than once. They're a tough team to beat and that includes having a lead late in the game. I'm not sure why the QB change for St. X late in the game but it seemed to work well for the Irish, especially in OT.
  14. No "moral victory" last night for Cathedral!
  15. PHJIndy

    Cathedral - St Xavier

    Yeah. some strange things always seem to happen over there. A lot of clock malfunctions for example.