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  1. HereComesTheBoom

    Forest Park Facilities

    Great to hear! Exciting times coming up for the football program! I think facility upgrades do more for programs than people realize. Just hearing the pride as Heritage Hills players, coaches, and fans talked about the expansion to start the season this year was all I needed to hear to know that. The players and coaches still had to get it done on the field but it was a renewed energy, IMO.
  2. HereComesTheBoom

    Forest Park Facilities

    Are you just not wanting to make the drive? You can take your lawn chairs if you want.
  3. Interestingly, Sectional 32 is about as even of a draw as there could've been, IMO. With the exception of one or two games, it almost worked out as if it was seeded.
  4. HereComesTheBoom

    PAC Week 8

    I get the coach talk, but GS by at least 4 tds.
  5. That's a new one for me. Never heard of that happening and my kids play at HH. Surely some other HH fans can verify this?
  6. HereComesTheBoom

    Tournament Pairings Show

    I think you'd get a lot of interest.
  7. HereComesTheBoom

    Heritage Hills 6-0 at Southridge 5-1

    Great game! Look out 2A if Southridge could ever get healthy! Way to pull it out Patriots!
  8. HereComesTheBoom

    Heritage Hills 6-0 at Southridge 5-1

  9. Flag - 3rd and 4th grade Tackle - 5th and 6th grade (Minutemen)
  10. HereComesTheBoom

    Heritage Hills 3-0 at Jasper 1-2

    Never started.