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  1. Agree... Triton looks really good. Tipton is handling people, Scecina just lost to Roncalli, but I imagine the Mac Ayers to David Baker combo will be ready come playoff time. 1 Game at a time... I hope that Tipton/Webo is the sectional final.
  2. 1st_and_10

    Sagamore Conference 2018

    You should have seen the rivalry from about 1990-2005. It's much different now than what it was then.
  3. 1st_and_10

    Sagamore Conference 2018

    I don't think it's a real possibility...
  4. 1st_and_10

    Sagamore Conference 2018

    Friday's scores and this week's match ups... It appears Danville may have found it's rhythm? Danville @ Southmont is the most intriguing match up of the week... curious as to the outcome of TW/Lebanon as well. Webo put 60 on the board, but it was honestly probably the worst game they played all year. Good thing is, there are things to work on and get better at. Webo had 13 penalties... NM had 1. Friday, Sep. 14 Danville 35, Tri-West 28 © Lebanon 58, Frankfort 0 © Southmont 49, Crawfordsville 28 © Western Boone 60, North Montgomery 14 © Friday, Sep. 21 Crawfordsville at North Montgomery ©, 7 pm Danville at Southmont ©, 7 pm Tri-West at Lebanon ©, 7 pm Western Boone at Frankfort ©, 7 pm
  5. 1st_and_10

    Sagamore Conference 2018

    Only those in TW Land... I am not sure there are many left in Danville that even remember how big the rivalry is... The biggest mistake made in this, was moving this game to the middle of the season.
  6. 1st_and_10

    Wabash River Conference Week 5

    They could go after all 3 Montgomery county schools.
  7. 1st_and_10

    Sagamore Conference 2018

    Friday, Sep. 7 Danville 40, Crawfordsville 6 © Lebanon 24, North Montgomery 12 © Southmont 49, Frankfort 7 © Western Boone 7, Tri-West 0 © Friday, Sep. 14 Frankfort at Lebanon ©, 7 pm North Montgomery at Western Boone ©, 7 pm Southmont at Crawfordsville ©, 7 pm Tri-West at Danville ©, 7 pm
  8. 1st_and_10

    Sagamore Conference 2018

    Scecina and Triton Central are very, very, very good... Tipton is putting up a ton of points also. Webo was very efficient on Friday.. At one point I think they had 9 offensive plays and 5 of those were TD's. The starters sat the entire second half and some of the 2nd Quarter. Defense was lights out. Gave up 1 big play and then got a turnover to erase that. the JV/Freshman kept the goose egg on the scoreboard as well. Scores from Friday and Week 4 games: Friday, Aug. 31 Lebanon 27, Danville 13 © Southmont 28, North Montgomery 0 © Tri-West 63, Frankfort 14 © Western Boone 69, Crawfordsville 0 © Friday, Sep. 7 Crawfordsville at Danville ©, 7 pm Lebanon at North Montgomery ©, 7 pm Southmont at Frankfort ©, 7 pm Western Boone at Tri-West ©, 7 pm
  9. 1st_and_10

    Sagamore Conference 2018

    Results of Week 2 Friday, Aug. 24 Logansport 48, Frankfort 0 Mooresville 28, Danville 26 North Montgomery 19, Hamilton Heights 7 North Putnam 48, Southmont 42 Plainfield 28, Tri-West 13 West Vigo 31, Crawfordsville 7 Western Boone 26, Harrison 0 Zionsville 56, Lebanon 6
  10. 1st_and_10

    Cascade defeats Danville

    It's Ben Slaton You are correct. I must have looked at it incorrectly
  11. 1st_and_10

    Sagamore Conference 2018

    This weeks games: Friday, Aug. 24 Frankfort at Logansport, 7 pm Hamilton Heights at North Montgomery, 7 pm Harrison at Western Boone, 7 pm Lebanon at Zionsville, 7:30 pm Mooresville at Danville, 7 pm North Putnam at Southmont, 7 pm Plainfield at Tri-West, 7 pm West Vigo at Crawfordsville, 7 pm
  12. 1st_and_10

    Cascade defeats Danville

    Schubert and Skinner played... who is their best back? Danville lost a lot from a year ago. New QB, with basically a new receiving corp. I am sure they will get the ship turned.
  13. 1st_and_10

    Sagamore Conference 2018

    Webo is going to be solid SuperJay... The Defense is what stood out to me. I think we all knew what we would get from the O, but the D was lights out. I am curious to see how they hold up against a pretty solid 5A team in Lafayette Harrison. Sheridan ran a kick off back, and Webo Fumbled the opening kickoff on the 12 and Sheridan went 4 plays to score. I haven't seen stats, but I would be shocked if Webo gave up 80 yards on D. Lebanon & Danville shocked me. Good win for TW. Friday, Aug. 17 Cascade 28, Danville 21 Clinton Central 18, Frankfort 6 Fountain Central 13, Southmont 7 Greencastle 9, Crawfordsville 0 Mooresville 46, Lebanon 7 North Putnam 28, North Montgomery 12 Tri-West 27, Central Catholic 24 Western Boone 50, Sheridan 12
  14. 1st_and_10

    Cascade to Join ICC 2019-2020

    No way Danville, Lebanon, or Monrovia join this conference... I don't know a lot about Linton or Vincennes (other than Linton's football success) and though Crawfordsville struggles with football, they are at least average in basketball and typically way above average in baseball. I don't know how well they compete in other sports as well as female sports. Typically we all look at this through "Football colored glasses" but the move has to make sense for all of the other sports as well.
  15. 1st_and_10

    Sagamore Conference 2018

    LOL. No one has played yet... Let's see what happens this week.