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  1. I really need WW to get going next year so you and Zach Robinson can give us some sweet write ups!! Haha
  2. WWFan

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Brownstown once down 20-7 rattles off 28 straight and wins 35-28 Paoli stops providence at the 3 yard line with 6 secs left to pull it out 21-17.
  3. WWFan

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    WW falls to NCF 14-0. Gotta admit defense played better then expected. Offense did have 1 INT in the endzone. 5 seniors...2 starters I think. Gotta think next year looks good. They all have a good offseason and continue to lift and get stronger next year could be better. Unsure what the freshman or 8th grade bring but am looking forward to having NCF on the schedule next few years.
  4. Should be a good game. I seen the paoli game. They did what every team could do against us and run up the gut (why I fear what may happen to the senators friday), but they tackle well and dont make a lot of mistakes. Both teams seem better then last year but I'll still take providence in close one. Hope Paoli wins. Good luck to both
  5. They made it to regionals (minimum) 9 outta 10 years before the move to 2A. Sure they had 1 team finally break to the Dome but had so many others be so close. To act like they shouldn't be there is crazy to me. They were/are always good. 11 kids from the line. It's not like they cant compete in 2A. Put them in the Paoli sectional and see what happens. Its was a tough sectional and to me doesnt say they cant compete there. If the numbers bring back to A I bet they do hit the dome again and we can have this talk in 4 years once their next 2A cycle is nearing completion.
  6. I live just south of Bedford. Maybe I'll hit this game up.
  7. WWFan

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    That should be a great game!!
  8. WWFan

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    WW currently leads EG 20-13. EG ball....about 4 min to go EG fumbled. WW takes over and looks to be running clock out. 2 big Steven's runs in 1st half look to be the difference. Game all but over 20-13. Great play call on QB keeper at the end. Home game against North Central (Farmersburg) next week. Gonna be a huge test.
  9. I'm very unsure about the WW/EG game. We are so young and struggle with power running. Rain may only hurt. I cant wait though!! I hope the boys come ready and shall they lose it fuels the offseason. Mostly sophmores!!
  10. WWFan

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Upset of the day for us obviously is the Salem Victory over Charlestown. WW squeaks past Valley. Down 20-14 at half. Go down and score make it 21-20. Valley later fumbles and WW scores again to make it 27-20 early 4th. They go for 2 and dont make it (kicker was 3-3 on XP but was raining more at this point is my assumption for not kicking). Back and forth for a bit and finally WW gets down to about the Valley 15. 2 holding calls back to back push them back and they are unable to convert. SV took over with about 2 min to go and drove down to the 12. 21 sec to go on 4th and 6 and Valley calls a great play but WR dropped it in the endzone. Eastern Greene next week at home. Should be another good game. Think I heard on radio Sophmore RB Bobby Stevens went over 2k yards for the season in that game.
  11. Haha. Meant they seem more into it as a fan base. I live in Mitchell and see alot more yard signs and things for football. But they definitely seem better at football
  12. Mitchell??? They seem more football people then basketball. You mean Orleans?
  13. North Harrison is the same. Those wasp nest under the bleachers affects both fans so it's all fair
  14. WWFan

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Salem takes down WW 15-6. Opposite of what I thought score wise but I thought salem may take this. Off to tourny where we play a Valley team that has me nervous. Playing much better of late and only a 4 pt win first time around.