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  1. This is definitely an up year for Bedford but I'm not buying these rankings. Sagarin is more realistic.
  2. I'm not taking anything for granted. I've seen this too many times! This team could win out this year and could also lose out!! That's why I love high school football!!
  3. Come on man!! Don't be a dick! Give me my moment!! Haha!!
  4. Actually Bedford is 1 and East is 2 in the HHC.... just sayin'
  5. Actually I'll be on the box for the Seymour Bedford game tonight. Looking forward to it! Should be a great game.
  6. Terre Haute schools are about an hour from Bloomington. Jeffersonville and New Abany are 2 hours from Bloomington. I'm assuming this has a lot to do with neither of them not wanting to join the HHC. And as far as winning the conference in all sports, yes Floyd but the other teams, minus J.C. & Madison, are all very competitive and it's never set in stone, other than East in football. I'd say Bedford has more final 4 appearances in Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Golf, and Baseball, although it's been a few years. I'm really tired of the conference realignment talk on this football thread but my 2 cents is drop J.C. and Madison and leave it a 5 team conference until someone else jumps in. P.S. I didn't research my state finals assessment so I'm sure I'll be corrected!! haha Good luck to all teams this week. I wish I could make the trip to New Albany for the Bedford game. I think, (hope) it will be a good one! It depends on which Bedford team shows up!
  7. I'm on the "Box" for Bedford home games. I'll be missing Bloom. N. & Seymour games this year. Looking forward to a fun season!
  8. You have to remember, football isn't the only sport involved. Not everyone are football fanatics like us! Bedford girls golf is going to the state this weekend! So, back to the topic, anyone have picks for this Friday? I'm guessing Bedford / Floyd game will be game of the week. I'm going out of town or I would travel down for that game!
  9. What's happened to Seymour? Someone posted early in the season they would win 8,9 maybe 10 games.
  10. As much as I would love to see Bedford beat South, I don't think it will happen. I do think it will be a better game than the first. Stars have improved tremedously since then, plus they have nothing to lose. Hoping for a good game! Good luck to both. BNL will be tough to beat for the next couple years. Good young talent.