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  1. Totally agree. The East sideline is all class & all business. And they took care of business last night! I’ll be rooting for the O’s from here on. Good luck!
  2. OK, I try to always be positive on this site. Always try to be polite and wish the other teams well, but I'm over this whining about the officials crap. I've seen hundreds of high school football games. I've been on the chain gang for 15 years at Bedford, I've coached 30 years, all be it Jr. league but none the less, and I work on the sideline for the NFL at colts home games also, I can guarantee you the officiating isn't any different on any field in the state, or country for that matter. I always hear people complain, but when I'm on the field, the visitors side, I hardly ever hear coaches complain. Yes coaches try to keep refs "honest" but that's the nature of the beast. I talked to the crew last night before the game, and he said the last time they were in Bedford was for a sectional final against Castle so I'm guessing that was 10 years ago or longer. My point is, Bedford nor any other HHC team, tries to hire refs to "help" out the home team. My sister was the A.D.'s secretary for the last 4 A.D.'s we've had and she hired officials for every event and she was more concerned about getting a crew to show up than anything else. Refs do this for one reason and one reason only and that's for the love of the game. If you think they are actually trying to screw your team you are totally out there. It's pretty sad you can't give Bedfords team credit for playing a hell of a game as did East, but you want to say you got screwed! And @fkfootball I call BS on the officials in basketball being from Lawrence county. Maybe for a JV game but not varsity. I only know of one ref from here that ever refs. varsity basketball or umpires baseball here and we all moan when we see him here because he's so biased against us it's obvious he's doing it on purpose to keep from being blamed for cheating. So that being said, I've enjoyed this site, I don't comment much but I read weekly, even in off months, because I think high school football is the purest and best sport of all, but I'm over it. Thanks for keeping involved with the game and keep it going, but me personally, I'm done with the immaturity.
  3. Looks like it could be a wet field at Bedford tonight. How many times has East played on natural grass this season? Not that it's going to matter!! I think Bedford will give them a good game but I'll be surprised to see it closer than East by 10. Hope I'm wrong!
  4. I like the direction this program is going but it's a basketball mentality community and that's hard to overcome. Damon Bailey's son for instance was a crazy good receiver in middle school and opted for basketball only. Our Q.B. is starting guard on the basketball team as well. A really good athlete
  5. In football this is true with East on top. Other sports its pretty equal, with some being at the top in certain sports across the board excluding JC & Madison.
  6. I can't copy the link for some reason. It may be because it's a subscription site or it may be my stupidity.
  7. Good article in the Bedford paper today about HHC football realignment. tmnews.com
  8. nlcsk12.in.us go to athletics; schedules; Football; 2019-2020 season But it shows a bye week the last game of regular season which is when Bedford/East play, so I'm assuming it's not complete yet.
  9. Bedford doesn't play J C or East next year. This just doesn't seem right to me??
  10. This is definitely an up year for Bedford but I'm not buying these rankings. Sagarin is more realistic.
  11. I'm not taking anything for granted. I've seen this too many times! This team could win out this year and could also lose out!! That's why I love high school football!!
  12. Come on man!! Don't be a dick! Give me my moment!! Haha!!
  13. Actually Bedford is 1 and East is 2 in the HHC.... just sayin'
  14. Actually I'll be on the box for the Seymour Bedford game tonight. Looking forward to it! Should be a great game.
  15. Terre Haute schools are about an hour from Bloomington. Jeffersonville and New Abany are 2 hours from Bloomington. I'm assuming this has a lot to do with neither of them not wanting to join the HHC. And as far as winning the conference in all sports, yes Floyd but the other teams, minus J.C. & Madison, are all very competitive and it's never set in stone, other than East in football. I'd say Bedford has more final 4 appearances in Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Golf, and Baseball, although it's been a few years. I'm really tired of the conference realignment talk on this football thread but my 2 cents is drop J.C. and Madison and leave it a 5 team conference until someone else jumps in. P.S. I didn't research my state finals assessment so I'm sure I'll be corrected!! haha Good luck to all teams this week. I wish I could make the trip to New Albany for the Bedford game. I think, (hope) it will be a good one! It depends on which Bedford team shows up!