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  1. I have tried to formulate multiple responses from snarky to inquisitive. Settling with yes, Luers is typically a speedier bunch and they design their offense to reflect that. Dwenger has more size, they design their offense to reflect that.
  2. Dwenger perennially has one of the best defenses you will find in the state. They can be exposed typically in one of two ways, by having better athletes or by spreading them out and keeping them off balance. If a team is one dimensional and the Saints can zero in, they will feast. The blueprint to beat the Saints is there. Be efficient and balanced offensively, get up by a couple of scores, put the pressure on Dwenger. They're not built to come from behind. All of this is much easier said than done.
  3. I remember Reitz, Columbus East, and Cathedral owning the southern 4A for awhile. Always wanted to see a packed game at the Reitz bowl. Exciting to see a fresh face emerge from Evansville!
  4. This is not a great Dwenger team but they execute especially well. They love to run behind Tippmann with any of the other Tippmanns on the team (they have 2 rbs with that name I believe). To be fair the big Tippmann is going to Wisconsin as a lineman. Not sure if there is a better rubber stamp to the kids skills than to he offered a scholarship to be a Badger lineman. The last 2 weeks they have increased their air game with the return of their top receiver. Dwenger's defense is their calling card. If you're one demontional, they will sufficate you. If you can effectively spread the ball (like Wayne did) they may bend but become very tough to score on in the red zone. Evansville will need to capitalize on opportunities to score. If it's close I like Dwenger. If Evansville can get up a couple of scores early, I doubt Dwenger can mount a comeback. They havent had a quick strike offense but with the return of Finley, things are different. It's all easier said than done to get up early on the Saints, but to me that is the key to beating them.
  5. Ursus Maritimus

    James hardy sports illustrated article.

    This is not to tarnish his name or reputation, but I was close with many people at Elmhurst. James was such a gifted athlete and so far ahead of the rest of Fort Wayne at the time, that he never even attempted to learn playbooks. In football, it was Micky drops back and James get open, or James out jump the defender. Basketball, James do what feels right, make a play. Far more times than not, he did. He clearly learned the intricacies of route running while at IU, but he was able to be among the most dominant players I ever saw in a solid football town with just pure athletic ability. Still third in scoring all time in Fort Wayne basketball. The kid oozed with confidence and bravado. James IV is 13, Norfleet is at SS and they are a struggling program. Could things be lining up for a magical run for him with the Archers the way his dad lifted the Trojans? You could sell those movie rights if it happens.
  6. Ursus Maritimus

    James hardy sports illustrated article.

    Special talent. It was my freshman year, night one, game one that he and Micky Owens combined to end the Elmhurst losing streak. Dwenger was number 1 in 4A and coming off a state title game against Roncalli. Zollner was packed as the game was coming to it's end. One of the most memorable moments from my time. Also was at the basketball game when he set the Fort Wayne scoring record. Was such a gifted athlete. A tragic loss indeed.
  7. Ursus Maritimus

    Regional: Angola at Dwenger

    A lot of factors go in to what makes conferences viable. This would make for an excellent thread of it's own. I know Angola cannot be the only school faced with this type of issue between geography, enrollment, and competition.
  8. Ursus Maritimus

    Mishawaka - Dwenger 4A Semi State

    Not saying that Logansport and Mishawaka are on the same level or they run their offense the same, but schematically they are the same. I wonder if the game against Logansport will help the Saints prepare for the Caveman? I noticed Mishawaka loved running the QB iso play, and the kid was quite good at it as well. Should be a fun Friday night.
  9. Ursus Maritimus

    Regional: Angola at Dwenger

    Much truth. It also highlights how fortunate SAC teams are when it comes to travel. Many of our conference matchups take 10-15 minutes via bus. Dwenger to Spuller, Luers to South, Concordia to North. Those might only be 5 minutes. Definitely taken for granted.
  10. Ursus Maritimus

    Regional: Angola at Dwenger

    Is Fremont the only HS more in the NE corner of the state? Angola is extremely limited geographically. Especially since the SAC doesn't have non conference games. They can continue to schedule teams from the NE8 and help their cause but those teams only have 2 non conference games themselves. Scheduling out of state is definitely doable. When the SAC was an 8 team conference, Dwenger and Luers regularly dipped in to Ohio. Teams cross the border in to Illinois all of the time too. It's common, especially among border schools. If hypothetically given the chance, would joining the NE8 be a good move for the Hornets? Steps up the conference competition and isnt much different geographically than their current situation.
  11. Ursus Maritimus

    Regional: Angola at Dwenger

    If Dwenger wanted, this game would 50-0. Could finish the first half with last year's score. Tough to tell how tough the SAC is since they only play each other but Dwenger has looked dominant against non conference opponents. Not an all time great Saints team but clicking at the right time.
  12. Ursus Maritimus

    Neutral Sites from Regionals ON

    VU has a D1 stadium that seats around 5000. Brown Field is one of 3 nationally (I believe) that is east/west oriented. Also has turf, one of the worst turfs I've seen but still turf.
  13. Ursus Maritimus

    Neutral Sites from Regionals ON

    Hey now, Dwenger could fit maybe 1000-1500 fans I am guessing... all on the same set of bleachers. BUT they would get to play on turf! So... we got that going for us. (during practices). Living in Illinois now, with the rise of the live stream the Dwenger crowds are down. Snider vs Dwenger didn't even have full stands. Sectional title game had seats galore. Saints fans are getting soft with the luxury of the live stream.
  14. Ursus Maritimus

    Regional: Angola at Dwenger

    Been a long time since I roamed the halls, but it was while Svarczkopf was in charge. I would say the popularity of the site amongst the current students seems to have gone down. I have no way of backing this up but Dwenger and SAC threads definitely used to be more prevalent and many of the posts were coming from Dwenger students. I think back to 2006 specifically, there were posts by Dwenger students about how each quarter and play were going to go in the semi state matchup vs Concord. (I will also point out they were all wrong as Dwenger was easily beaten that night). I remember knowing that the team was aware of things being posted but did not post themselves. They also regularly used other teams posts as bulletin board material. Thinking to 2005 and South Side's desire to stop John Goodman by any means necessary. While Svarczkopf was the head football coach, he was also the Dean of Students. At the time, just him telling you NOT to do something was a VERY good deterrent. His mustache and scowl alone were enough to gain compliance for most students.
  15. Ursus Maritimus

    Regional: Lowell @ Mishawaka

    This is the type of trolling I can 100000% get behind. A kudos to all! Well done.