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  1. Doing fine @Olympian06
  2. We will know who come on top at end of 4th qtr
  3. Pretty cool to see GS being #1 and with a tied as well
  4. I hate to say this but Congrats to Heritage Hills Patriots you deserve Sectional 32 Championship this year. Good luck against Charlestown next Friday
  5. Good luck to North Harrison and Charlestown tonight
  6. I have a dog name Dusty I name him after a wrestler American Dream Dusty Rhode, he half Chow and half German Shepherd he big he like to take off but he he will come back my dad made Hs dog pen to stay at and Dog house to sleep in every time he come in the back door the first person he come fly to is me he a hoss
  7. this ain't gonna be 87 to 4 *laughing*. Whoever made a mistake is going to get behind and won't come back and win by the time game over
  8. This thread tied with the Princeton thread let beat it