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  1. psaboy

    SAC week 6

    Concordia at Dwenger - Dwenger by 20, Concordia stays close in first half, depth for Saints take over in second half North at Homestead - Sparty by 14, Redskins have gotten attention with W last week, won't pull upset two weeks in a row. Snider at Wayne - Snider by 9, I think the difference will be overall talent and depth of Panthers D, should be able to keep the few playmakers for Generals in check. Luers at Northrop - Luers needs to run ball and then run again. Tough game to call, I think the lose last week, helps Luers this week, they win by 10 South at Carroll - Chargers by at least 30
  2. That FW Northside would beat Luers
  3. psaboy

    playing both ways in 6a

    I think Homestead had a few playing both ways against Snider
  4. psaboy

    SAC Week 5

    The Saragin rates are about as reliable as the polls, which are 50% accurate at best.
  5. psaboy

    SAC Week 5

    Snider will win their sectional this year.
  6. psaboy

    Week 5 Scores

    North Side gets the upset
  7. psaboy

    Week 5 Scores

    North Side 45 Luers 35, 9 minutes in fourth. May be biggest upset in years in SAC.
  8. psaboy

    Week 5 Scores

    This game in Indy or Cincy area?
  9. psaboy

    Week 5 Scores

    North Side up by 10 over Luers, still in 3rd quarter
  10. psaboy

    Week 5 Scores

    Looks like Concordia has a W coming up vs Bruins
  11. psaboy

    Week 5 Scores

    Snider 23 Homestead 7, Game Over
  12. psaboy

    Week 5 Scores

    I'm surprised by Northrup, they are a different team the past two games. I agree, thought score would be higher in snider game. Snider is having hard time running against the sparty D line.
  13. psaboy

    Week 5 Scores

    Snider 9 Homestead 7 at half. Snider having a few flag issues and missed XP. Northrop up by 2 on Concordia, late in 2nd. North side 28, Luers 13, late in 2nd Dwenger 14 Carroll 7 half Wayne 14 South Side 0 late on 2nd
  14. Looking at field at Spuller stadium, turf looks pretty good.
  15. If you are on a secure, private wifi signal, you should be OK. I think where you get a trouble is when you are on a unsecure site, using a public wifi signal.