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  1. psaboy

    4A Postseason

    Mishawaka needs to be considered for North rep at Lucas
  2. psaboy

    Snider Panthers

    Sorry to report that Christian Covington, one of the best RB's in Snider history has to call it quits after spinal injury was discovered. Loved watching the kid play, I hope he continues on in football someway, coaching?
  3. I also think Smith lead his team to four straight 2A state championships. So, how much more exposure can you get???
  4. Smith was "Mr. Football" for his senior year. I understand that if you are not playing football in Indy area, it is hard to get exposure. Back when Jaylon played, they did not play all in conference games.in fact the played Brebeuf twice and beat them both times, and played a few top Ohio teams. People don;t line up in Indiana to get football players signatures. Also, Reese is not really playing at IU.
  5. psaboy

    SAC playoffs

    Heritage at Luers - Luers by 24 Wayne at South Side - Wayne by 30+ Concordia at Lakeland - Concordia by 13 Dwenger at Logansport - Dwenegr by 17 North Side at Elkhart Central - Elk Central by 4
  6. psaboy

    SAC playoffs

    Will need video for proof. I think your hat will be safe though, highly doubt Lakeland will beat Concordia
  7. psaboy

    Snider Panthers

    He would be a lot better if he played O only. He is pretty good on D as well, from what I saw Friday. Standard 1, 2, 3 & 4A situation, over 50% of teams don;t have enough talent to have an players only playing one way.
  8. psaboy

    Snider Panthers

    Snider and Dwenger won't have a rematch. You probably mean Wayne and Dwenegr.
  9. psaboy

    Snider Panthers

    Since you double shamed yourself, you are forgiven. 👌
  10. psaboy

    Success points

    Guess I should have asked if you are playing in class above, what do you need to do to maintain where you are at, not fall back, if you won sectional last year?
  11. psaboy

    Success points

    So, if you only won sectional last year, there is no way to move up or maintain where you are at?
  12. psaboy

    Snider Panthers

    Dude, I haven't lived in the area for 25 years, so shutty your mouth.. I can't keep track of every school and coach. Only one school matters to me. I'll give you a hint, it ain't Luers.
  13. psaboy

    Snider Panthers

    Well the regular season is over and I think Snider has gotten better during course of season and the two earlier loses. I think the dismissal of the three players earlier actually worked in the Panthers favor, kids saw some discipline and remembered they are not able to do what ever they want, they are actually held to a higher standard. I think Barnes benefited the most, he certainly seemed to play better game after game knowing that Taylor was not QB 1A, it was now his team to lead. So, on to the playoffs. I think Snider should run their sectional fairly easy. They have unfinished business with Carroll and I think they will remember the whipping they received in game two. With a week off and time to prepare, I think they go into Carroll and win by 14 or more. Homestead, if they get by Northrop should not pose a threat to Snider, I may actually be more worried in facing the Bruins. So on the regionals. Most are picking Carmel to be there, but you can't sleep on Lafayette Jeff. Can Snider make it past either of those teams? I not familiar with Lafayette, Carmel is always a tough out. If Snider can get past this game, a Penn match-up is likely. Penn probably has the weakest team in maybe 10 years, so they can be beaten. I would say when you get this deep into the playoffs, two things usually decide the game; team discipline and special teams. Most familiar with Snider know they have penalty issues that coat them games. The other concern I have is the kicking game (FG & XP's). It is woefully pathetic. This will cost you a game a some point. If they make it to LOS, Warren awaits (99% sure they will be there). Can Snider beat them, sure. Will they, probably not. I will say, they may be the most talented team from the north that would give them the best game, but I would foresee a slaughter, unless Snider plays the game of their life and Warren is on an "off" night. Don't be surprised of Snider makes it that far, or I think it will be the Lafayette/Carmel winner.
  14. Ouch from the nose bleed section.