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  1. bigfish

    Top 50 players article

    Agreed - I wouldn’t put too much time or thought into this list
  2. bigfish

    2018 Conference Champs

    Bishop Chatard - Circle City Conference
  3. In college, my buddies and I printed off brackets and had a huge pool. Makes every game fun to follow!
  4. FooBird - thanks for getting these threads going on here. Good game last Friday and good luck the rest of the way!
  5. Anyone know why Chatard wore blue jerseys with white pants? They’ve gone blue-on-blue at home and white-on-white on the road for as long as I can remember at the varsity level. Just an alternate look?
  6. Awesome game, terrific win for the Trojans. Agreed PHJ - Chatard was the better team on the field this evening.
  7. Excited for this one. Could be closer than recent years, but Chatard will need to play really well to win
  8. Neat article here on Roncalli’s Bruce Scifres and Bob Tully: http://dlvr.it/QhR9dY
  9. 3A and 6A if it’s not too late!
  10. bigfish

    8-10 Scrimmages

    Looking forward to this. Anyone know why BC and Perry Meridian didn't renew their scrimmage?
  11. bigfish

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    Bishop Chatard will certainly miss Kellison & McNelis among others, but they seemed to play a lot of younger guys this season
  12. bigfish

    State Title Games

    These cheatin’ public schools..... how are we going to resolve this issue???
  13. bigfish

    Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Congrats Olympians. Good luck next week
  14. Couldn’t be at the game last night, but congrats to Danville. Go win the whole thing!
  15. I heard that he'll be playing. But who knows?