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  1. cyoguru

    Penalty Yes or No?

    Penalty for hit to the head? Yes, I know lineman is illegally downfield. Hit_on_TE.mp4
  2. There is one more Purichia left. He is a 7th grader at St Michael. I won’t prognosticate on where he stands vs his older brothers yet. I will say you can tell he is Purichia.
  3. cyoguru

    Week 7 Scores

    Scecina 20-0
  4. cyoguru

    Cathedral QB

    Sounds like a sticky point for you. Its old news for all us old timers on the GID. I just pointed out where Sanders played MS football at. Maybe you can clarify for me why you think he should be playing for HSE.
  5. cyoguru

    Cathedral QB

    Pretty sure Bo Sanders is from St. Pius Parish. Played CYO football at St. Pius X
  6. cyoguru

    CYO Football

    There are currently 17 cadet teams registered, hopefully 18 if MTCA( Mother Theodore Catholic Academy).
  7. cyoguru

    Regional scores

    1:03 left
  8. cyoguru

    Regional scores

    BREBEUF 13-10. WL scores on 54 yard pass play with a minute and change. Braves then run back the kickoff.
  9. Lets stick to their football team. It's loaded with CYO kids.
  10. Who knocked on Kidwell's door?
  11. Guru is very proud of the Ritter seniors who left it all on the field last night vs Chatard. They deserved a better fate. Congrats to Chatard on the victory. They have a solid shot at getting back to Lucas.
  12. CYO Championship Weekend is upon us. Link to all the matchups. All Games are at Chatard this year. https://cyoarchindy.org/Athletics_Tournaments.aspx