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  1. 21 personnel not a bad concept but such a limited scheme with that concept. Coach is getting by strictly with talent. So much could be done with that offensive talent. A defensive coordinator would only have a hand full of plays to prepare for. What a coaching mismatch!
  2. bruno_LA

    SIAC Week 4

    Memorial vs Mater Dei. Memorial is much better on offense and more athletic on defense. Memorial 42-17 Central vs Reitz Reitz made great strides this week and will beat Central in round one like they did last year. Reitz 35-26 Bosse vs Castle. Castle takes out frustrations in a big way and win 52-12 North vs Harrison. North rights the ship and wins a close one 24-21
  3. bruno_LA

    SIAC Week 1

    North losing to Princeton is a devastating loss at this point in the program. Where do they go from here.
  4. Kramer is the most fascinating character on Seinfeld- Elaine is a close 2nd.
  5. We know exactly what you mean by bro culture and who you voted for president.
  6. I'll be interested to see if the participants think this was a worthwhile experience and a good value for their investment.
  7. This is obviously an attempt to fire up the Danville nation but you are very knowledgeable and must have watched film of both teams extensively.
  8. Looks like Danville is about 75% run. Is that a fair assessment? Much better run than pass team??
  9. bruno_LA

    Central vs East Central

    Evansville Central didn't have school today. The travel shouldn't have been an issue. It was a predictable ending for a talented but undisciplined team.
  10. You are absolutely correct Hoops coach. Any rule that stipulates that a senior that has dedicated the past 4 years of his life to a program that was living out a dream season, cannot even sit in the STANDS to watch his brothers play a game, is a rule that needs to be changed. People thought Jim Crow rules were just at the time. I would have more respect for a coach that showed more compassion and loyalty to the injured senior. If there is no avenue where that player is permitted to watch that game, then I fault the admiration for poor site based management.
  11. I "think" Gibson Southern will win the game but I don't think it will be over by half-time as you indicated. I didn't realize critical thinking was taboo on this thread. The fact that most of GS's games were over by halftime make them less battle tested ( thru no fault of their own.)
  12. bruno_LA

    Reitz vs Central Part 2

    Yes- few people have your unique life experiences I'm sure.
  13. Think you're wrong. Gibson Southern's schedule makes them tricky to evaluate.
  14. bruno_LA

    Reitz vs Central Part 2

    Most people do not realize that the toughest part of Coach Owen's job occurs during the week with one potential crisis after another. People aren't privy to some of difficult decisions and balancing act he must perform on Tuesday's and Wednesday's. If you walked in his shoes for a few days, you might have more empathy and respect for him.