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  1. You look at a few moments during the season that either make or break you. I would have to say the goal line stand vs. Milford/Cissna Park was HUGE for Attica this season. It seemed to give us our confidence back & we have not lost since then. When Davis plays 4 quarters..AHS 8-0, when he doesn't ...AHS 0-3. On paper FC should beat us, but from what I saw at NV last week I would not be shocked if AHS wins. You get a group of people believing in themselves and striving to obtain one common goal; look out; they could be hard to take down. We will find out in 27 hours...
  2. Do I have this correct? If Attica wins & Perry Central wins= regional at Attica If FC wins, PC wins= regional at PC If Attica wins & Linton wins= regional at Linton If FC & Linton wins=regional at Linton
  3. Turnovers will be the story. FC turned it over 7 times vs. NV, NV turned it over 4 times vs AHS ;last week...You give a team good field position & extra bullets for their guns...anything can happen.
  4. Win ,lose or draw that was a great playoff football game tonight at NV. The key tonight was that Attica did not allow Earl to run wild tonight; Woodard being out caused a lot of that, but Cody played well tonight at QB...kudos to him. At class A schools, when kids that play both ways get hurt it really changes things. When Davis plays 4 quarters we are 8-0, when he is out we are 0-3. Shame that anyone had to lose that game tonight. Shouts to NV on a great season & 2 year Sectional Championship run. Shouts to Attica' defense for taking hit after hit after hit and kept bouncing back...Yo Adrienne, we did it...
  5. I hope Woody plays Friday night. We did not get to see your Frosh QB this season since NV canceled the JV game at A-town...sounds like we might get to see him Friday night at the Gibson. Chesse fries and a tenderloin for supper...
  6. Looks like it is time to bring the brass monkey inside...
  7. NV has the toughest road. They play the ROX...Herb always has a few tricks up his sleeve. Then they will get an Attica team at near full strength ( Broadwater out for sesason). Then they will get another dose of Mustangs at the Corral again. If they repeat, they will have earned it.
  8. Looks like it is going to be rather cold Friday night...possible snow on Wednesday. That should make things interesting.
  9. Earl could not hold Josh Smith's helmet....
  10. NV, FC, AHS, COV & Linton will be winners 2nite.
  11. The Attica/Milford/Cissna Park game was a great game last weekend.
  12. Attica is playing Watseka the next two years on Week 8.
  13. North Montgomery, Southmont & South Vermillion have all left the WRC.
  14. What other Class A conference has had 4 different teams play in the State Final since 2000?
  15. dodger

    JV and Freshman scores.

    Attica ended the JV season 3-1. Three postpones & lost to FC.
  16. EFB. Good game. Kinda reminded me of the Attica /ROX game. 0-0 half. Attica struck first with a Whorrall TD. Sheridan scored then MCP scored, then AHS scored, then MCP scored. Sheridan scored, then MPC. Whorrall intercpected a pass to end it. Great game. Milford had a QB like Wilkey...Jacob Marrquez...STUD.
  17. No. Stayed home to watch the Dodgers play , but listened on 103.1. Great game.
  18. Just watched a helluva high school football game. Attica holds on to defeat Milford Illinois 21-14. 0-0 at half. Great game.
  19. Attica plays at 2PM Indiana time tomorrow.
  20. I have seen both teams play in person. All things being equal except for the wet field at FC, I would say on the night that we played both schools NV looked better than FC. The ace in the hole for tomorrow night is BM. He has probably been working on NV since week 2. NV is well coached too, but if you give BM time to prepare for a team, I like his chances. Case in point...in 1999, Attica was undefeated and whipped Seeger 35-0 in week 3. Sectional final 10 weeks later, Seeger 7 Attica 6. The other factor tomorrow night is the Falcon injuries. I have heard that one or two starters may be out? I know how heresay works, but when a team loses a 2 way starter it really hurts them. When Davis got hurt vs the ROX, it left us with 6 spots to fill; Safety, WR, KR, K, P , PAT-K. Looks like God will bless us with a beautiful night for WRC football. Tee it UP....There is a crown to be had in Veedersburg.
  21. After watching NV tonight, the ROX & FC are in BIG trouble. Good luck to both of you...
  22. EFB what are you smoking? Attica will re-group and let the dogs out next week at home vs. CHS.