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  1. When Herb was a Junior at Tipp Valley they played FC in semi state at FC and the whle squad peed in the end zone stating that all dogs need to mark their territory..FC 28 TV 27.


    2 minutes ago, 1adam12 said:

    Wouldnt get too crazy just yet its one game lol. 

    WOW..are you a person I love the most? Attica does not beat FC like a drum, FC has owned the series over the years.. we dont get many of these...Moore is gone bro...butt getting kicked Rambler style.

  2. Attica @ RP- The Rambler's invade Mecca. Look for the Big Red to come out on top.

    FC @ Southmont- ABM starts tonight. Stangs prevail.

    NV @ TR-Cant remember the last time they lost a WRC game...that streak will not stop tonight. Falcons big.

    Seeger @ ROX-ROX very tough at home. Pats lose in Parke Co.

    SV @ Cov- WIldcats win in tossup game.


    May be the coldest week 1 in years. Not good...Fall cannot be far behind. We may have snow in October like we did in 1989.