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  1. Fairfield Jr. High School has a 7th grade Math opening. Contact Information: Athletic Director Mark Hofer: mhofer@fairfield.k12.is.us Head Coach Matt Thacker: mthacker@fairfield.k12.in.us.
  2. Fairfield has teaching openings in 7th grade social studies and 7th grade science. The science position is a half time position. There are also varsity assistant openings as well. Contact Information: Athletic Director Mark Hofer: mhofer@fairfield.k12.is.us Head Coach Matt Thacker: mthacker@fairfield.k12.in.us.
  3. Paydirt

    Coach Forum

    Which administrator do we write, PM, text, facebook, twitter, email or call?
  4. Paydirt

    Coach Forum

    I would appreciate the same help. Thanks
  5. Paydirt

    Football and Track

    Warsaw Football and Track Athletes Scott Smyth-P/K (11) 4x800 2nd Cameron Fritzel-LB (10) Shot Put 3rd
  6. How does your schools football teams and track teams work together in the spring? Plus, is there a big push to run track from the football coaches, school and community? If there is a push how is it portrayed or sold? Sorry for all the questions, just looking for answers.
  7. Paydirt

    Warsaw Dining options

    LCF, good call. The pork chops are pretty darn good.
  8. Paydirt

    Warsaw Dining options

    Wings is alright. Mad Anthony's is too expensive and service is terrible. Hacienda is always good. Bennigans is good as long as the power stays on. Ruby Tues is also good, but it's been awhile. Shoup's good and greasy. The Downtown good food, good times.
  9. Congrats! Coach Young I'll see you at the clinic this year.
  10. Proud to see the Cardinals turning it around.
  11. Is there any word on South Dearborn?
  12. Ah, The questions of the upcoming season. Trust these Tigers will compete!
  13. Paydirt

    Best Power Running Formation

    Double tight out of the I. Spreads the D and your running game is all down hill. You can run the Midline, Veer and any Toss, Iso, Dive, Power, Counter and Trap. In the passing game it gives you the boot to either side, play action and a quick passing attack. However, passing can become predictable, but we're talking about running the ball. But a simple offense that keeps opposing defenses playing disciplined and balanced.
  14. If WV would play football that would put the NECC back to two divsions and would help all of the schools in the conference. It would allow the larger schools to play bigger and better competition to help prepare them for the tournament. Plus, the smaller schools would not get as beat up by the end of the year by repeatedly playing larger schools. The entire conference theoretically could become more competitive. If I were a parent there I would bugging everyone invovled with WV to make this dream a reality.