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  1. Jwilk74

    Why Is The Colts' Offense So Inept?

    There are ways you could help the o line and Luck out. They now have Frank Gore, a perennial all pro. Give him the ball early and often, get the o line moving, make the play action more effective (because the receivers cannot beat anyone 1-1). I think all of this would help the Colts a limit the amount of plays that are snapped while the Colts offense is behind and having to throw the football. I think it's kind of comical how Jay Cutler and the Bears were behind all of last season and that correlated to a high turnover rate, and consequently everyone wanted Cutler's head!! This year in two games the Colts have been perpetually behind and Luck has 5 picks and two fumbles lost!!! Is his head soon to be served on a platter.
  2. If Princeton loses tonight, but plays GS close (you know....the "good loss" because it was a close game theory) and then wins out the rest of the season to go 8-1, then absolutely a top 10 team. A 7-2 mark will not get them ranked. Just way too many good teams in 3A.
  3. I do not "do" the whole Facebook thing so maybe I am missing some of the action, but here is my prediction: too much Gibson defense and not enough Princeton defense.........GS 56 Ptown 7
  4. Now why on earth would you dig up a completely good field that had been blessed with the footprints of Patriot nation!??
  5. There is absolutely no truth to that. I KNOW for a fact.
  6. Will there even be time for a football game????
  7. I know its just a poll but I cannot believe Heritage Hills did not move up in the poll after beating #3 in 4A Jasper. Guess the voters don't like wins!!!!
  8. They did!!!!! In the fall of 2013, in Lincoln City. So you have all the proof you need.
  9. Half way through the season, or at least close, I think I would rank the Southwestern teams as so: 1. Gibson Southern 2. Reitz 3. Mater Dei 4. Heritage Hills 5. Castle 6. Central 7. Jasper 8. Harrison 9. Princeton 10. Southridge Honorable Mention: Perry Central, Mount Vernon, Vincennes Lincoln Just my thoughts. Would love to see a GS vs Reitz match up. Just because I think that t hose two schools are the class of southern Indiana, kind of a southern super bowl at the bowl!!!
  10. I think you are spot on with the comment ".......looking out for their own...." I am almost to the point anymore where polls are meaningless. I say this based on how they are generated, or computer figured with some astro-technological formula, or whatever. I know in our society of football addicts we have to have polls, or numbers associated with teams, so we can call some wins upsets and some losses "moral" victories. I know this is an IFCA poll thread but I am honestly confused. Just for my own piece of mind I bounced some of the IFCA rankings off of the Sagarin Poll. To say the least I was amazed. This according to Sagarin: Pioneer and LCC both ranked ahead of Evansville Reitz . For those of you who may not know Pioneer and LCC are 1A schools. Pioneer, LCC, Linton and Monrovia all ranked ahead of Evansville Mater Dei.....you guessed it all 1A schools. Tri West (2-2) is ranked ahead of Evansville Mater Dei, who won the head to head match up!! Head scratcher Jasper ranked ahead of Heritage Hills, HH just won the head to head match up. I would love some input
  11. And HH put the cherry on top!!!
  12. Not trying to say I told you so..........but as you can see..............I did. I think that GS is the real deal and that HC better take a good hard look in the mirror!!!
  13. My advice to the Jasper coaching staff...........even if they do not want it.......look at the last series of the second quarter. The Wildcats destroyed the Patriot defense with he wishbone and play action pass......ala HH of old. By doing something a little more simple it allows the O line to play down hill, the running backs to play down hill, but will allow your QB to have better opportunities in the passing game. JMO Good luck the rest of the year,
  14. I stand corrected!!!!! Congrats to the Tigers.
  15. I know that Princeton continues to get better, each year they take another step..........but I am just not seeing a W for the Tigers. I think the Aces' O is just too much. I mean no disrespect intended..........just think Mt. Carmel is too much.