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  1. Clarksville High School is posting a PE position. Please contact Coach Boser at jboser@clarksvilleschools.org if interested.
  2. Clarksville High School Currently has a Math Opening and Special Education Opening. http://www.clarksvilleschools.org/employment-2/ We are looking for a coach to fill this position. Multiple coaching positions available and D-Coordinator to the right candidate. Please contact me with a resume if you are interested boserjl9@gmail.com.
  3. qbcoach13

    Sagamore Conference 2017

    Jeff Smock to be named head coach. http://lebanonathletics.com/2017/03/07/press-release-lhs-recommends-hiring-new-football-coach-jeff-smock/
  4. qbcoach13

    Your Ideal Conference

    Lebanon Western Boone Danville Tri-West Plainfield Mooresville Crawfordsville North Montgomery
  5. Kyle Williams-Lebanon- Committed to Western Illinois
  6. Lebanon, Kyle Williams, offer from Temple
  7. qbcoach13

    Home field advantage

    I do believe using high schools is the better option. I thought I had heard there is a new rule by the NCAA that universities could no longer host high school games. Ex. Ball State used to host multiple games at the beginning of the year and I don't think they do anymore.
  8. qbcoach13

    Home field advantage

    If we ever did go to neutral site games for the regional and semi state games, could NCAA schools host games?
  9. qbcoach13


    At the Indy Glazier Clinic I sat in on the Offseason Hudl talk and they showed an amazing picture of a game taken by a drone. Can you use drones to film games or take still pictures to review on an iPad during the game? http://articles.latimes.com/2013/aug/23/sports/la-sp-vi-football-here-come-the-drones-20130823
  10. What do you think of these new cleats from Adidas? www.adidas.com/us/adizero-5-star-4.0-uncaged/D69959.html
  11. qbcoach13

    Wrestling QBs

    Evan Stambaugh from Lebanon won his sectional.
  12. qbcoach13

    Atlanta Falcons New Stadium

    That is what these new stadiums have to do now. They are creating an experience beyond the game. I believe AT&T Stadium (Jerry World) has an art gallery and numerous other attractions. They are competing against NFL Redzone and NFL Sunday ticket. We can thank Fantasy Football for all of these new advancements in Television and now in Stadiums.