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  1. Night Hawk

    HNAC Week 6

    Where does Coy Field play?
  2. Homeschooled kids can play for a team not in the district they live?
  3. Night Hawk

    HNAC Week 5

    At Pioneer you dope. Everyone knows your the wierd-O Winimak guy so just go away to the Harrell board where you and the Laf Jeff can enjoy each other company True....two years ago an athletically loaded warrior club was upset in Kulver's King Kave by an undermanned Kav squad.
  4. Night Hawk

    MWC Week 5

    Where did he come from? Did he play the first 3 weeks? Did he play last year?
  5. Night Hawk

    MWC Week 5

    Who was that #80 for West Central?
  6. Night Hawk

    ACAC Week 4

    He and the teams he coached were never less than 1st class.
  7. The Liberty Flames just transitioned to FBS this year and Have two Hoosiers on the roster. Brody Brumm - Winamac Tristan Schultz - Culver Community
  8. I was under the assumption they have the same super.
  9. Night Hawk

    HNAC Week 1

    West Central 21 Caston 0 The Trojans of Pulaski Co will build off a great summer and get in the win column early. Comets need to get numbers to keep the program alive North Judson 35 Culver 0 The Jays will not be embarrassed on Liberty Field again. The long Blue line will hammer the Cavs. Word around Marshall Co.is that the Cavs spent most of the summer building sand castles at the beach. Knox 24 Winamac 0 Low scoring affair that will be controlled by the more physical Redskins. The Warriors have some young talent but Knox has a program. A snoozer controlled by Knox because Winamac won't be able to tackle Dawson Patricl. Culver Academy 42 LaVille 14 This will be over early on the banks of Lake Maxinkuckee. The Eagles have too much size skill speed and coaching for the overmatched Lancers. LaVille will be a solid 1A program but solid 1A's get handled by top 10 4A squads. Pioneer 40+ Cass 0 Pioneer possesses at least the 5 of the best players in the conference. This is a special 1A team led by a FOOTBALL PLAYER in every sense of the words. HNAC opponents should save their game film to show the grandkids. Triton 21 SCUM 7 SCUM's transition back to the spread falls right into the hands of the athletic Trojans. As long as the Boys of Bourbon can tackle the big QB, they should be fine in this scrum. SCUM will not be able to handle the Trojan passing game.
  10. Coach, I think Westville and LaCrosse have a similar set up
  11. He was only enrolled at Culver Community for 1st semester of sophomore year.
  12. Stewart had a principal that was willing to shield coaches from the micromanaging that has plagued the corp. He recently passed.
  13. http://www.gotiffindragons.com/sports/esports/index Brand new eArena
  14. I said economic theory. And it is called the NON aggression principle. Someone is befuddled....that is crystal clear.