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  1. Night Hawk

    NLC - 2018

    Angola appeared to have fewer guys going both ways and this might have helped for those two 4th quarter stands.
  2. You would think he would be biased in linking CTE with football....not the opposite.
  3. Night Hawk

    HNAC Week 9

    His track time improvements from 9 to 11 grade would suggest a substantial improvement from the 4.68.
  4. Night Hawk

    HNAC Week 8

    Kids first guy who taught and coached for close to, if not more, than 50 years.
  5. Night Hawk

    John Glenn

    Im not the one taking pot shots at JG the past two years. Proud of ya!
  6. Night Hawk

    John Glenn

    Good thing you got out of that program and got to a real one. Always good to kick the dog when he's down though. Proud dad moment!
  7. Night Hawk

    HNAC Week 7

    Judson expects to lose to Pioneer....Triton....not so much
  8. Night Hawk

    HNAC Week 6

    Where does Coy Field play?
  9. Homeschooled kids can play for a team not in the district they live?
  10. Night Hawk

    HNAC Week 5

    At Pioneer you dope. Everyone knows your the wierd-O Winimak guy so just go away to the Harrell board where you and the Laf Jeff can enjoy each other company True....two years ago an athletically loaded warrior club was upset in Kulver's King Kave by an undermanned Kav squad.
  11. Night Hawk

    MWC Week 5

    Where did he come from? Did he play the first 3 weeks? Did he play last year?
  12. Night Hawk

    MWC Week 5

    Who was that #80 for West Central?
  13. Night Hawk

    ACAC Week 4

    He and the teams he coached were never less than 1st class.
  14. The Liberty Flames just transitioned to FBS this year and Have two Hoosiers on the roster. Brody Brumm - Winamac Tristan Schultz - Culver Community
  15. I was under the assumption they have the same super.