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  1. caliboy24

    CIC Week 6

    Alexandria beats Elwood by 2 t.d.s Eastbrook by alot Blackford by alot Ole Miss by alot
  2. caliboy24

    CIC Week 5 (Ball St)

    Yep Alexandria tried a new starting lineup on defense that backfired to the tune of 41 in the 1st half lol for blackford. Blackford scored on every possession. Alexandria gimmick defense couldnt stop the running attack of blackford. Blackford couldnt stop Alexandria's pass attack. Both teams player's left it on the field. Blackford just out coached Alexandria and made better adjustments throughout the game. The coaches also show much more passion with the kids. Kids are buying in at blackford. Fun team to watch!
  3. caliboy24

    CIC Week 5 (Ball St.)

    Blackford Eastbrook Ole miss Frankton Tipton
  4. caliboy24

    CIC Week 5 (Ball St)

    blackford vs Alexandria: Alexandria to much talent to be playing this way. Blackford is well coached and wins by 3 scores. eastbrook vs oak hill: eastbrook wins big. Rests players early. Oak hill wont be able to stop them. mississinewa vs madison grant: mississinewa will throttle mg. Rest players early. elwood vs frankton: frankton gets back on track wins by 3 scores. Probably not a decent game to watch at Ball State. Maybe the Alexandria game if they can find a leader to step up! Only other maybe will be Elwood if they can find the weekness in Franktons armour.
  5. caliboy24

    CIC Week 4

  6. caliboy24

    CIC Week 4

    Yes it was the tale of two halves. Alexandria was the dominant team in the first half. Frankton had the better game plan in 2nd and dominated ball control with the run. Alexandria had no answer.
  7. caliboy24

    CIC Week 4

    Well if so would be great to meet you.
  8. caliboy24

    CIC Week 4

    Ed will you be at the game? Would love to meet you in person if so 🙂
  9. caliboy24

    CIC Week 4

    Alexandria Blackford Oak Hill Eastbrook Shenandoah
  10. caliboy24

    CIC Week 4

    Eastbrook vs Ole Miss: which team makes the least mistakes. Comes down to a touchdown and Eastbrook wins! Blackford vs Frankton: Tough one here. I will take Frankton at home by 14. Alexandria vs Madison Grant: If Alex can put two halfs together for the first time this year. Coach/Players both they win by 6 scores. Oak Hill vs Elwood: Elwood was already struggling now hear they have some players out to suspension. Oak hill to much wins by 21. Shenandoah vs Lapel: this isn't the same Lapel team as before. Shenandoah wins by 21.
  11. caliboy24

    CIC the start of conference play

    Eastbrook 63-0. Mississinewa 66-0 Blackford 20-6 Alexandria 27-26
  12. caliboy24

    CIC Week 2

    Lapel wins as big as they want! 44-6 Lapel way to much talent for frankton to compete. Eastbrook wins tight game. 31-14. Delta lost major help at rb. Beat a soft muncie team. Eastbrook has a better night. I am taking Ole Miss in another close game. 28-27. Ole miss still working out the kinks but will come out on top. Alexandria wins big! 42-0. Alexandria offense still trying to gel. Wabash seems to have fallen off. Tipton wins big! 62-0. Tipton could win this by 80 if they want. Southwood wins big! 26-0. Oak hill has lost to much talent. Southwood will want to prove something. Eastern wins big! 31-0 Eastern doesn't have much offense but MG is bad! Blackford wins! 19-6 Blackford is more talented wins an ugly ground and pound.
  13. caliboy24

    CIC Week 2

    Alexandria looked ok for 1st game. Metz looked good, thomas ran hard game should of probable been 42-0 but a couple of horrible calls refs) and a few mistakes cost them a few scores. Defense look better than i thought they would but also played a below average Wes-del team.
  14. caliboy24

    CIC Week One

    I was right on blackford. Eastbrook i was very close. Lapel was close within a td Mississinewa came up short. Great game. Tipton obviously played there jv in 3rd quarter on. Alexandria played sloppy. Alot of dropped balls. Rylan looked good. Need to get it tied up Frankton pretty close. Eastbrook was close!
  15. caliboy24

    CIC Week One

    I agree!