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  1. Canoe Fest Charlie

    EIAC Sectional Opponents & Other Talk

    G's family owns a business in the town. A lot of people love them. . . . but like any town like Brookville, there's a lot of enemies being made too. It just depends on who those enemies are and it's quite possible the hire wasn't as popular as others may think in the first place. . . . .
  2. Canoe Fest Charlie

    EIAC Sectional Opponents & Other Talk

    Doubtful. Although I will admit our administration is pretty good at making dumb decisions.
  3. Canoe Fest Charlie

    EIAC Sectional Opponents & Other Talk

    Coach Willy: 5th in the SECTIONAL in Total Wins #1 Coach in the COUNTRY on 1st down Punts
  4. Canoe Fest Charlie

    EIAC Final Week!

    *AHEM* Knowing the clientele of Aurora and Da Burg, I think it's been renamed "Falls City Break."
  5. Canoe Fest Charlie

    EIAC Final Week!

    ********Gentlemen, UPSET ALERT for NEXT WEEK IN SECTIONALS****** It has come to my attention that inflatable helmets and fire extinguishers are BANNED from tournament play . . .even if it's against the Panthers from Narth VerCan. Coach Boom will have to find new ways to fire up his players: Suggestions include, but included to: -Coach Boom and Assistant dress up as Road Animal and Hawk and come out to Legion of Doom theme song. -Coach Boom shows the contents of former Coach Nobbe's flash drive as pre-game speech! -Lights are turned off on the field as Kenny Chesney's "Boys of Fall" plays as intro before the remnants of the Blue Blazer fall from Chopper 9 ladder rope at the 50 -Former GB coach Schreiber shows up in the parking lot to meet who he thinks is STC from Gridiron only to find out it's Coach Boom for advice on Air Squat celebrations! -Coach Boom challenges Coach Behlmer to a parking lot fight in St. Leon using only bats and broken bottles -Coach Boom dresses up in a Robe to greet his male companions from Jamphetiminggs County in Batesville to scare them off before they even reach Aurora -SD operatives steal the extra. . *AHEM* "income" Coach Gillman made in his college days to install field turf just in time for next Friday's game
  6. Canoe Fest Charlie

    EIAC Week #7

    Brookville is HYPED over Hondaburg win. Coach Gillman has the team on the right track JUST in time for sectional. Look forward to Punt Gate #2 in Sectional after EC puts up 70 in the first half. River Rat fans aren't welcome at the Pioneer or our Chicken after the game.. . . we don't want you messing with the historical aura with our place. You seem more like the Korner's Kountry Kitchen kind of people
  7. Canoe Fest Charlie

    EIAC Week #7

    All Most
  8. Canoe Fest Charlie

    EIAC (Mixed) Preseason Power Ranking

    Lawrenceburg will be better than you think. Greensburg will be young and big. Franklin County has a new offense under Coach Gillman. Batesville is a 1 man team but he's pretty good. Will this finally be South Dearborn's year to not only win 1 or 2? Connersville is still connersville. Rushville is under a new coach too but they also have some athletes to play with.
  9. Canoe Fest Charlie

    Scrimmage kick formation

    NOOOOOOOO! You beat me to it. #45 stuck out like a sore thumb!
  10. Canoe Fest Charlie

    Scrimmage kick formation

    Is this even an eligible formation? Can #45 be on the interior?
  11. I thought Greenwood had a ton of young guys on their semi-state team last year?
  12. Canoe Fest Charlie

    Defending 4A State Champions Need New HC

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Very few will get this. . . . .actually, North Decatur fans should get this as well. .... With that said, he's responsible for putting Greensburg back on the map as much as the Gburg fans hate to admit it.
  13. Canoe Fest Charlie

    Defending 4A State Champions Need New HC

    If EC "stays in house," there's really only one 1 option not named Behlmer.
  14. Canoe Fest Charlie

    Noblesville hires new HC

    REAAALLL classy to come on to a public forum and talk about what other EC coaches "allegedly" said in confidence. It's really hard to believe anything you're saying considering EC's athletic complex was the final straw for Governor Daniels to put the kaibosh on the out-of-control spending school districts were doing with their campuses. Not to mention, EC just decided to put in field turf this year. The Administration's actions aren't matching your description. I think the real issue here is that many high school coaches believe they can just sit around all day in a gym, do nothing, and expect to get paid like a lot of other hard working teachers in the building simply because they have 'Coach' in front of their last name. The only thing that brings FC and Stinktown fans together are fried chicken and 7979.