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  1. Maybe if the ball hits the ground before 10 yards it's live for both teams and past 10 it's punt rules? Then you'd just have squibs instead I guess...
  2. Would be pretty interesting... and a Better alternative than taking it away completely. There will be a lot of bloops to open areas to prevent returns and to possibly recover.
  3. I was reading a great book on the principles of gravity the other day. I couldn't put it down...
  4. I'll agree to disagree with your continued argument for 14-18 year olds being called children. They, in my opinion, are young men learning to become great men. It is a lot of pennies for a game played by young men Have a good one Muda!
  5. Pocket change to some schools... Others will struggle to get that paid
  6. It's the highest emotionally driven sport there is (IMO). Some things are accidentally said in the heat of a moment that shouldn't be by ALL parties at different times. Players, fans, coaches, refs... I guess for me, finding the intent along with the number of occurrences is important when considering any sort of punishment. If the media smearing isn't enough punishment as it is, I really hope they find a way to work this out without removal from his position. I'll retract my statement if more is uncovered, but what a great coach!
  7. Is the new helmet for trophy case decor or are players actually wearing those logos?
  8. A big concern for the transition to a 40 second play clock was technological issues schools will have... Are we really considering this? Or is it just off-season fodder? I can understand implementing at LOS, but that would contradict the rules of the entire rest of the season. I guess I'm on team NO
  9. Forgot about that one! Good Great stuff too
  10. This thread is easily the best off-season thread of the year
  11. To each his own...
  12. Absolutely possible... But I personally wouldn't spout off about something I knew nothing about. That's all
  13. You literally said in the post before this one... " Somebody will take the job - for the money. It certainly will be significant. Or possibly an out of stater who has no ties to the school. Or someone who wants to be a college football coach, like Allen wanted to be." Then you said Dick Dullaghan was a self described legend. I just.... Can't