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  1. Gamecock Part Deux

    EIAC Week #6

    Under for Chuckie, he has to find someone to buy him one first. Definitely over for Stony, he's gonna crush a sixer at minimum before he gets there. A half hour yellow hound bus ride in this heat . . . HE'S THIRSTY! May need a few more after crushing some of those BOOM Tacos. Forget first downs. Real question is how many extra fire hydrants did the BOOM Boyz bring in this week for the entrance? Y'all know Coach BOOM is holding nothing back. Smoke . . . pyrotechnics . . . fire breathers. This entrance is gonna bigger than Prince Ali strutting into Agrabah. Coach BOOM might even have his own special introduction entrance just to let Stoney know what up. EC may have 150 players run out to stripe the field but can do they have an entrance like this . . . NOPE! I was told the BOOM Boyz even hired a guy to dress up like a Knight with a T Shirt cannon!!! Though unfortunately he won't be able to make it because of an unforeseen occupational hazard I think I may be the only one here who thinks this is going to be a game. Fringe spelled it out for y'all this is the perfect storm for the BOOM Boyz. It's gonna be wet on the cow pasture and now that the Bad Boyzzz have a field that's trimmed tighter than Link's Shag during 4H Fair weekend, it may take them a few to adjust. Plus Farmer's Fair is still a couple weeks away so the BOOM Boyz won't be distracted by their dads coming back to town. And we have to take this into account too . . . There's going to be not 1 . . . not 2 . . . but 3 legends calling this game. And even though 2 may come before 1 in Lawrenceburg, River Rats are math-magicians and can use basic arithmetic. Any River Rat can tell you 2 Dipsy Dawgs are better than one. So mathematically they have to be favored. Regardless of the outcome this game is gonna be great. Years from now the BOOM Boyz will have their BOOM GrandBoyz sitting on their knees, telling them of the day they battled the Trojans for EIAC 4A Fooball Supremecy. By the time the clock strikes zero on Friday night gentlemen . . . there will be more than just legends on that field . . . there will be heroes. "WE CAN BE HEROES" posters on sale at the Knights Castle Friday night for $10. 1st 50 in attendance will receive a free poster. All proceeds go towards filling up the fire extinguishers again for when the Knights play EC in the Sectional (IHSAA rules and bylaws be damned).
  2. Not very often I agree with you Muda but I never have and never will understand how peaceful protest trying to draw attention to an issue in this country is "un-American".
  3. Half the generation is still under the age of 18 so give us some time we'll get there. Not getting married and buying houses because we want to be financially stable before making life commitments we can't afford. About that wealth creation . . . Student loans man, MOST EDUCATED GENERATION IN AMERICAN HISTORY!!! Again, societal issue not a generations issue. DrivenT, add ruining internet forums to the list.
  4. Lets be honest there are plenty of Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and yes even Greatest Generation folks who pull the same stuff. So we've gone from Millennials created the gambling issue to video games create unemployed, drug using alcoholics, who are dependent on others to fund their gambling addictions? I grew up on video games. First one ever was Mortal Kombat (otherwise known as the tool of Satan) on Nintendo 64 where people would bleed from the ears when getting kicked in the shin because for some reason everyone in that game had a blood platelet level of zero. Played video games all throughout childhood and adolescence . . . I'm employed . . . not addicted to drugs . . . not an alcoholic . . . don't gamble (hit the slots on my 21st birthday, lost $80, never been back) . . . and I'm financially independent . . . Guess that makes me a survivor! Only crime I've ever committed is being ridiculously good looking Uh oh . . . might want to add narcissism to your list
  5. Give credit where it's due, the R. Lee meme is awesome!
  6. Well relatively to millennials its getting old hearing the generation that raised us blame us for how we were raised. That aside gambling legalization is long overdue. If John Q. Taxpayer wants to go blow his money betting on sports then he should be allowed to do so. I really don't think this law is going to create a large percentage of more gambling issues, in the end it's going to allow the government and professional sports leagues make millions.
  7. And they (you) say we millennials have no work ethic
  8. Yeah, we've never had gambling on sports shows back in the good ol' days . . . Betting on high school sports will never be legalized. If you really read into this instead of jumping to your "sky is falling" rhetoric you'd realize New Jersey, the state that pushed for this, is outlawing any betting on college institutions. Still won't stop people from betting on it like they always have been, and if you think people haven't been and won't continue to bet on high school sports in this country then you're naive. Yep, you're right. We millennials fixed the 1919 World Series . . . my fellow millennials like Paul Hornung, Art Schlichter, and Pete Rose really added to the millennial gambling issue . . . and lets not even start on those millennial Supreme Court Justices that legalized this . . . I mean if that picture doesn't scream millennial . . . before you know it they're gonna make it law that we have to give participation trophies in professional sports. Can't trust any of them . . . especially Ruth . . . You can see the millennial in her eyes . . . she's probably going to post her first legally purchased gambling ticket on instagram while eating a locally grown free range chicken burrito #millennialgambling #thuglifegambling #declineofwesterncivilization
  9. Well seeing as how you have made numerous posts on this topic consider this forum educated. Feel free to not post the dangers of tackle football ever again.
  10. So then what's your point in creating this thread?
  11. He's never going to give you a straight answer on that because he knows what you're saying destroys his entire argument.