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  1. This can be a great asset for programs that don't have a little league
  2. The difference is the Head coaches can ad it in as a part of the program. Run by the coaches that the head coach chooses or the head coach him self. It is about making middle school football longer and stronger. keeping the teams together. no all star crap
  3. Let me know what it would take and if anyone wants to start a team let me know
  4. doHello Coaches My name is Rufus Sanders I am the newly appointed Director of AAU Football for the state of Indiana. Through my years of coaching I have noticed that middle school football in not enough for what we need to make better varsity football programs. If you want more Information please email me at iaaufa2014@gmail.com. I feel that this is a good remedy for our situation. I am open to more thoughts, I want this to be just what we all need in order to make football in our great state much better. PS I am looking for Freshman, JV, and Middle school coaches to run these teams. Also we are not trying to eliminate Middle School Ball just trying to enhance it. Please pass this on to as many people as possible Also some of you Head coaches may get an email from me if I dont here from you first. Thank you for your time.