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  1. itiswhatitis

    2018 Boilermakers

    Talk about crashing back to earth with a thud! Purdue looked like an overmatched high school team yesterday. Maybe that was a dose of karma? They did the same thing to Ohio State and now they have to "eat it" themselves in Minnesota. Was in total disbelief at how that offense could do absolutely nothing. Zero yards rushing at halftime? I'm no Purdue fan, but I had hopes they would win another game or two and grab a decent bowl after the way their season started. Still can't believe how that game went down yesterday.
  2. itiswhatitis

    2018 Hoosiers

    I didn't watch this game today. Was watching Ohio State/Michigan State instead. I'd check on the score on commercial breaks. I believe at one point IU was up 21 - 3 or 6. Something like that. I saw the final score was only 2 points and that they had to kick a field goal near the end of the game to win. I posted a couple of weeks ago it would be crazy if Purdue and IU played the Bucket Game with a bowl on the line for both teams. Looks like maybe that might happen. Purdue looked like an overmatched high school team against the Gophers yesterday. Nowhere near the team that took down Ohio State. So the early storyline for the Bucket Game is: which teams show up for the game?
  3. Both teams are close in SOS. Both teams are only a couple of spots apart in the polls (AP and Coach's). Both teams only have one loss. Since their loss at Linton in week 4, the Falcons have run off 8 straight wins. After their week 6 loss, the T'Birds have run off 4 wins in a row. Harrell's website predicts a 14 point win for the T'Birds. However, the Falcons are the home team. Having said all of that, I think this game will be closer than 14 points. I won't be surprised by either team winning. I believe they are THAT close to one another. I hope all of the players stay healthy and play a good hard game. Best of luck to BOTH teams. I'm sort of rooting for the Falcons, but it would be kind of cool to see the T'Brids make a little more school history.
  4. I concur! That was really, really, really lame. Question to a prospective recruit: "Do you want to be a leader or a legend"? The recruit's reply: "I just want to play foosball" (the Water Boy's mom).
  5. itiswhatitis

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    With the Titans win over the Cowboys last night (who saw that one coming?), the Jags @ Colts game just became more significant. The winner will be in third place in the division and the loser will be in last place. A win for the Colts will keep their streak (and playoff hopes) alive. A loss and they will be in last place where all of the experts picked them to be anyway It would be hilarious to see the Jags in last place since most "experts" picked them to win the South.
  6. itiswhatitis

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    What's to be jealous about? You guys got Mack. LOL Nelson is as advertised. He along with Smith at right tackle are both rookies and have the Colts O line in a VERY good position. I believe Luck has only been sacked 10 times this year and none the past 3 games. And of course we have Kelly in the middle, and AC is back at left tackle. Probably the best line the Colts have had since the Super Bowl win. And if Nelson was the safest pick, how about D. Leonard? He HAS to be the steal of the draft! Unbelievable what he's done at linebacker, and a rookie. The Colts are very young but on the rise. Ballard and Reich have done a masterful job with the Colts rebuild. The team has bought in and the culture is healthy again in Indianapolis.
  7. Wait.....what??? Boonville?!? Who did they drop?
  8. Yeah but they still have Sullivan on the schedule.
  9. itiswhatitis

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    Two in a row now for the young Colts. The Raiders game was a little closer than I expected, but a win is a win is a win. Second week in a row the offense had over 220 yards rushing. Mack got 126 yards last week and had 132 this week. All 3 backs are getting a really good YPC average. The biggest difference (IMO) is the O line. They are not only keeping #12's jersey clean, but also opening up big holes for the backs to run through. Really great to see things coming together for these guys. Luck had another game with ZERO interceptions and the team had no fumbles/turnovers. I saw a stat that surprised me a bit. The Colts are now 7th in the league in scoring average. Also they have a plus point differential and with a 3 - 5 record, that's kind of rare to see. The next 3 games are at home and should be winnable (Jags, Titans, and Dolphins). I'm holding out hope they go 6 - 2 these last 8 games. If they do, that might get them a wild card. How crazy would that be? It would do wonders for these young lads after the horrendous start to the season. It would only make them hungrier next year. Here's to another great draft by Ballard! His first 2 rounds this year were just excellent. Leonard is already running away with Defensive Rookie of the Year. 88 tackles in 7 games?!? Not to mention I believe he has 4 sacks and 3 or 4 forced fumbles. The forced fumble he had yesterday was just brutal!
  10. Rudy - yes he is a member of the forum. His screen name is Kingtut. He has a wealth of knowledge about the Linton-Stockton program and just a joy to be around in person. I'm sure he'd love to share some stories with you.
  11. itiswhatitis

    2018 Boilermakers

    I watched this game and was actually rooting for Purdue. With the streak they have been on, I felt they would win. Guess not. So was the Ohio State beatdown just one of those "fluke" games? Anyone know why Anthrop doesn't get targeted now? That's 2 games I have seen and they don't throw the ball his way. I noticed yesterday he was on special teams. Saw him on the field with the offense a few times, but he never saw the ball.
  12. Haven't seen this name yet: Brett Law. Rudy - you could probably do a chapter on Linton football. They have the record for the most lop sided score in the state with a 156 - 0 win over Midland. They also are only one of two teams with 4 backs over 1,000 yards rushing in a season. Also Andy G already mentioned Elmer Oliphant who has the record for most PAT's in a game with 20. He went on to play at Purdue and Army and set scoring records at BOTH schools. Those records stood for several decades. You could also write about Linton's frustration with so many losses in semi-state games with 8 losses in 8 tries and then finally getting over the hump to lose the final to LCC but come back the next year and win it all with a 15 and 0 season. Will you have a section about or mention any fans? Kingtut would make a GREAT candidate. He has been attending Linton games sine the 1930's and I'm sure could tell you about some "legendary" games. Any time frame on when the book will be out? Would really like to pick up a copy. Should be a great read!
  13. itiswhatitis

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    Going forward: the Colts should win the game at Oakland. The Silver and Black have become a major dumpster fire. IF the Raiders somehow win, then something is VERY wrong.
  14. itiswhatitis

    2018 Hoosiers

    Minnesota is on a 4 games losing streak. IU is on a 3 game losing streak. Something's got to give. This is a game that IU needs if they want to sniff a post season bowl.
  15. itiswhatitis

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    lly Luv ya too, coach! Always will. I get what you are saying but aren't stats the categorized results of performance on the field? So their defense was covering up a bad offense. I get that. But statistically, they were 3rd in the league coming into this game. They looked totally lost in this game. So that's why I said what I did. Actually, the Colts were only like a 3 point favorite and only because they were at home. So they did WAY more than they were supposed to. What's really crazy about all of this is: the Colts have a much easier schedule on the back end. There's no reason to think they won't beat Oakland (dumpster fire worse than Buffalo) this weekend. After that they have 3 homes games in a row: Jags, Titans, and Dolphins. After that they go on the road @ the Jags, and @ Houston. Then home for games with the Cowboys and Giants. The last game is @ the Titans. I'm sitting here looking at that and thinking: maybe losses to Dallas and Houston, but the rest are winnable games. Now for the really crazy part: IF (huge IF) the Colts win all of those games, they will be 9 and 7. Wild card maybe? It's hard to imagine since they are only 2 - 5 today. And I'm trying NOT to think ahead. They have the bye week next week before they start those 3 homes games. Not trying to sound like some homer here either. Just looking at things and thinking, "what if"? A few weeks ago, a lot of people felt that game with the Giants would be for the #1 pick in the draft (loser of that game would get the #1 pick). It probably will be that way for the Giants, but I'm thinking it won't be for the Colts. Just thought of this: that dang game they lost to Houston keeps haunting me. What if they had played for the tie and now that loss keeps them from somehow making the playoffs? Sorry this is getting long. Man we need more time to talk, coach. LOL