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  1. itiswhatitis

    Linton-Stockton @ North Daviess

    The Miners are growing with every game. Cutting down on the penalties would go a long way with sustaining drives, especially once they get in the red zone. You could say that some calls might be questionable against them, but the flag gets thrown regardless. Their SOS has been reduced by more than half of what it used to be. The game last week with Ritter felt like a playoff game. I expect them to win out with maybe the exception of Providence. Not sure what they have coming back this year. Last year Linton got out to a big lead and then had to hold on for dear life. I don't expect the blowout wins like we have seen in the past. I don't even expect a blowout tonight over the Cougars. North Knox seems to be improved and Eastern Greene is still rolling along even without their great quarterback that took them to state last year. North Knox and Eastern Greene are home games for the Miners. That should help them a bit. Long road trip to Providence might be a tough one. I guess we'll know in a few more weeks.
  2. itiswhatitis

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    I read an article on another website that says the Eagles will be without 3 of their top 4 WR's, their number one RB, and one of their starting offensive linemen. All of them out due to injuries. Wentz was given the start on Sunday. I'm thinking without all of his weapons, is he going to stumble? This game is ripe for the Colts to win it.
  3. itiswhatitis

    2018 Hoosiers

    Maybe IU has no linemen (for now) who will play on Sundays, but Scott has had: 74, 204, and 113 yards rushing in 3 games. Granted they weren't games against the "stronger Big Ten teams", but there must be SOME linemen doing their job(s) for him to have that success. Scott has been a big surprise starting off the season and he's only a freshman. Ramsey has developed nicely at running the offense. I think it's a no brainer that the biggest improvement has been the defense. I can think back a few years when IU could have used a defense like this. Things would have turned out much differently in a lot of games. I am expecting the MSU game to be a dog fight. Hopefully the Hoosiers will win and won't be an afterthought by the media. I hope they get a lot of press should they win, especially by the Big Ten Network and ESPN.
  4. itiswhatitis

    2018 Hoosiers

    Spot on, my man! I was thinking about that after I submitted my post (some great offenses but terrible defenses). I think the weather played a part in that UVA game with special teams. I think they looked okay against Ball State last week and FIU in week one. Thinking about going to the MSU game this weekend. Have been to a couple others (MSU games here at IU). Usually entertaining. If IU plays like they did last week, they should have a chance to win. I wouldn't necessarily call it a huge upset, but it would indeed be an upset. You KNOW they are going to crush Rutgers and will more than likely lose at Columbus. They usually give the Buckeyes a good game for 2 and a half to 3 quarters. However, I don't think that's going to happen this year. This Buckeye team is on a different level than everyone else in the conference. Haskins (QB) is unbelievable for the Buckeyes. 11 TD passes in 3 games. I think that is some kind of team record for the first 3 games at Ohio State. And by the way, I was NEVER a Wilson fan. Allen reminds me a lot of Hep. I hope he can keep on building this program. It would be a great thing for the conference not to mention the fan base here in Bloomington. Considering what happened last weekend, the conference could use a feel good story.
  5. itiswhatitis

    2018 Hoosiers

    IU should win 6 minimum and get another bowl invitation. Going 3 and 0 was a big deal. I had doubts in the first 2 games. Also didn't think they would have had an easy time with Ball State, but they did. Allen has them playing on another level that we have not seen for years here at IU. It's all about the recruiting. Allen is obviously good at it. Another bowl after this season, and it will even get better.
  6. itiswhatitis

    Vontae Davis: Smart Or A "Quitter"?

    Now you know why the Colts never resigned him. Tool!
  7. It's been a few years since this game has been competitive. The Cougars have to feel good about having a couple of wins (West Vigo, for one), but the Miners will continue to prevail in this matchup. It may not be a blowout win as in the past few years, but I think the Miners are still too much for the Cougars and will win. Best of luck and good health!
  8. itiswhatitis

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    The defense was relentless yesterday! They were the difference between game one's loss and yesterday's win. I thought the game plan was masterful and the players executed it really well. Darius Leonard is a beast. I hope people get used to hearing his name. It's only after 2 games, but he leads the league in tackles with 27. What a motor on that guy! He had 15 tackles, 3 assisted tackles, 1 sack, and a forced fumble yesterday. I read an article that said he is a rising star. I'm like, "ya think?!?" Several other guys played well individually, but overall, the defense was very, very good as a unit. I believe they had 11.5 tackles for loss yesterday. I am hoping this isn't a one trick pony and hope we see more and more of this in the future. Looking forward to what they can do against the Eagles and I hear that Wentz is starting this week. Maybe he'll get introduced to Mr. Leonard. LOL
  9. itiswhatitis

    2018 Hoosiers

    Winning last week in the rain against a good Virginia team said a lot about this years' Hoosiers. Scott has been a big surprise in the running game. One thing I've noticed during games this year: a LOT of the players who's names get announced are from Indiana high schools. We had heard that Allen had roots for recruiting in Indiana. For him to get players to come to IU and not leave the state, is a good thing to see and really great for the program. Unless there are some major injuries, this team has a good chance of winning 7 or 8 games this year and a better bowl. Still early yet, but I see signs.
  10. itiswhatitis

    Bears 2016/2017 and Now 2018

    Peace of mind doesn't erase an L from the record. I get no peace of mind with the Colts. They find ways to lose fourth quarter leads all of the time. Some fans try to be optimistic about losing. I don't see it. It's either a W or an L. There is no, "we look better than we did" when you lose. Whether it is one point or 41 points, at the end of the day it is STILL a loss.
  11. itiswhatitis

    Linton at Ritter

    For all intents and purposes, this game felt like a playoff game in the middle of the season. Gut wrenching for the Miner fans, elation for the Raider fans. To say it was like the semi-state games with Ritter would be an understatement. The Miners had chances. They turned the ball over what? 3 or 4 times on downs? And the penalties were just killers at times. Having the ball at the goal line and not punching it in brought back those bad feelings of losing to Scecina in OT in the semi-state. The Miners showed a LOT of improvement (and on the road) in this game. Yes it was a loss, but I believe they will be fine now for the remainder of the season and in the tournament. I just hope the injury bug doesn't railroad the progress that has been made. In some areas they aren't as deep as they have been in the past. Go Miners!
  12. itiswhatitis

    Bears 2016/2017 and Now 2018

    Parcells was/is a very wise man when it comes to the NFL. I believe it is widely accepted that the NFL is a business. So in that regard, I have to believe if you aren't winning, then your "business" must be failing.
  13. itiswhatitis

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    Last week the Colts were up 23 - 10 late in the 3rd quarter. The defense STILL can't hold a fourth quarter lead. What happened to the offense in the second half? I thought maybe Pagano had snuck back onto the sidelines and was calling the game. Sheesh. They got outscored 24 - 0. There is just NO excuse for it. So no matter who is at quarterback, they can't score especially in the fourth quarter and the defense can't get off the field. The Redskins will beat them by 2+ scores or more again this week. There are ZERO pass rushers and the secondary looks bleak on the defense. I don't care how so and so looked great, or that a couple of guys played really well. Unless they somehow win this week, the season isn't going to go very well. Luck's career is being wasted in Indy IMO.
  14. itiswhatitis

    Bears 2016/2017 and Now 2018

    At the end of the day, a loss is a loss. Sounds about like some Colts fans: "We lost but man did we look great in losing". In the NFL it is all about the wins and losses. You could lose 12 games by a total of 24 points or less but it is STILL 12 losses. And so it goes.
  15. itiswhatitis

    Linton at Ritter

    Thanks Miner Pride for starting the thread. Quickly: Looks like the Miners have figured out some things. I would expect them to play differently the rest of the season. Harrell's website predicts a Ritter win at 28 - 21. I noticed SOS is in the Miners favor at 73 to 90 for the Raiders. I never used to pay a lot of attention to SOS years ago but in the past 4 or 5 years I notice it more and more. The Miners schedule has prepared them for a game like this. I have to think with the changes made on offense AND defense, will go a long way in the Miners finally getting a much needed win (and on the road). The Raiders are a high quality program. It would say a lot for this year's Miners to head back home with the W. Wish I could watch the game in person, but had my monthly treatment yesterday. Takes a few days to feel halfway human again after I have one. Best of health to both teams! Go Miners!